Useful Properties of Carpets

Fashion is fickle. And if just a few years ago, carpets were unfairly called dust collectors and a relic of the past, today they are once again gaining popularity. And this is understandable, because they meet an important principle of modern design – maximum practicality. We emphasize the usefulness of carpets, knowing that, you’ll love them even more.

We immediately warn you that even the most expensive carpet can be spoiled by improper care. To keep your carpet clean and last for years to come, we highly recommend using a professional service that specializes in carpet cleaning in Spokane –

Health benefits of carpets

Owners of apartments on the first floor and private homes are well aware of such a problem as a cold floor. And if there are gaps in it, there is also a draft. Carpet is a good protection against cold and draughts thanks to its solid base and fluffy surface, on which it is pleasant to walk even barefoot. With it is not easy to catch cold in your own home.

In the city, where everything is flat – both at home and on the street – the muscles of the feet do not work, which often leads to the development of flat feet. This disease is the inability of the foot to absorb shock loads when walking, running, while jumping. Therefore, the shocks go to the knees, hips and spine. They dampen them and, as a consequence, worsen the condition over time. This later manifests itself in leg and back pain.

Walking on a relief carpet is a great prevention of flat feet. It massages the feet, makes their muscles work and improves blood circulation in them. Such coverage is ideal for children, as the formation of the arch of the foot continues until the age of 7 years. If the muscles of the foot are not strong enough by this age, it becomes deformed and flat.


Carpet products, thanks to its porous structure, are good at absorbing noise. This is why they are used in recording studios. The thicker and lusher the carpet, the better sound insulation it provides. With it, you will drown out the sounds coming from the neighbors downstairs. You’ll also get rid of TV noise, music, and your own feet. In large halls, carpets will help eliminate the echo that creates the unpleasant feeling that no one lives in the house.

Ease of cleaning

Carpet’s ability to hide small dirt will make your home look cleaner. It’s easy to hide small particles and piles of dust behind the pile. And if you don’t have time to clean before guests arrive, no one will notice. You can clean up the debris later when everyone leaves.

To keep your carpet clean, just vacuum it daily, and at least once a year do a deep wet cleaning with a special shampoo. Bare floors require daily cleaning, without which they look unkempt. After all, they show not only dust, which can be quickly collected by a vacuum cleaner, but also the traces of wet feet and dirty shoes.

Accents in the interior

Another useful quality of carpets is the creation of expressive design, which requires a competent arrangement of accents. Accents are the main elements of an interior. They unite all the other elements in a single style, and create a sense of comfort and harmony.

The emphasis should be made on contrast. If the room is decorated in pastel colors, the carpet should be bright. If the design is bright, then the carpet product will serve as a background. In this case, it is better to opt for calm dark tones. Monochrome, when all elements of the interior are made in one color or shades of one color, is best avoided. This makes the design boring and lifeless.

Hiding defects in the floor surface


The last property of carpets, on which it is worth accentuating, is their ability to hide the flaws of the floor covering. These include:

  • dents from furniture legs;
  • ugly joints in the linoleum;
  • scratches, chips and other mechanical damage;
  • Scuffs and stains that cannot be removed.

Carpets also help protect floors from some defects. For example, a carpet in the hallway, the most passable place of the apartment, will prevent abrasion coating and its damage by heels. Carpet in the living room will eliminate the appearance of dents from the feet of a heavy sofa. Damage to the carpet will not be so terrible, because its purchase will be cheaper than laying a new cover.

Carpet and children

Any flooring, whether it’s a small cotton bed or a palace with a soft, thick pile, will protect your child from serious bruises from falls, which is especially important when babies take their first steps. Warm pile is much nicer than cold laminate or tile, which is felt when playing on the floor, because that’s where kids are having their fun. This is especially true in the off-season, when the house is not very hot. In addition, the carpet softens the steps, and caring parents will be able to periodically look into the nursery at bedtime, without fear of waking the children.

But the main advantage of the carpet is protection from dust. With regular housecleaning, the “dust collector” function is only beneficial. Micro particles of debris do not rise in the air from the slightest movement on the smooth floor, instantly, with a breath getting into the lungs of a child, and settle in the thick nap of the carpet, waiting for the moment of cleaning. Vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with cleaning of floor coverings, you just need to make timely and quality cleaning.

What are the disadvantages of carpets?


Dust. Think of the clouds of dust that rise up around the carpet when it’s kicked out. They literally poison your life. Every year, two to three pounds of dust accumulate in and under the carpet. Therefore, carpet in the home can lead to allergies, difficulty breathing, and sleep problems.

Litter. Carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than toilet seats and seven times dirtier than almost any walkable street. And why is that? Because every hour an adult loses 600,000 to 1.5 million keratinized skin particles. If you don’t knock the carpet out for a few years, it’s quite possible to assemble a spare self from the particles stuck in it.

Parasites. It’s better not to know at all how many small insects and microorganisms live in your carpet. Millions. Studies by British scientists (normal scientists, not those who derived the formula for the perfect sandwich) have shown that anything from E. coli to pneumonia-causing bacteria can be found in carpet. On the other hand, the chemicals used to treat carpets can be so toxic that they kill mice.

Fire hazard. Alas, in a fire, a fleecy friend bursts into flames first thing and instantly turns into 12 square feet of flames. Synthetic carpet can poison the owner with toxic smoke in the event of a fire.

Smell. Carpets smell: sheep’s sides, grandma’s pantry, cigarette smoke, the neighbor’s sauerkraut. Neither regular cleanings nor air fresheners can completely get rid of the cocktail of smells.