Muslim Prayers – The Basis of the Life of a Muslim

Muslim Prayers

Every Muslim is expected to pray five times a day, as prescribed by Islam. All Muslims start the day with Fajr, the first prayer at dawn. The second prayer is Zuhr, followed by Asr (During which none of your business should ever take up less than 15 minutes). After Maghrib or Isha prayers, which occur … Read more

What Are Some of The Customs And Traditions of Ramadan

Though most people think that Ramadan is all about fasting for a certain time, this isn’t true. In fact, it’s a month that completely celebrates culture, history, as well as faith. All over the world, Muslims mark this period with lively celebrations and family gatherings, all of which are closely connected to their religion and … Read more

7 Best Asian Painters – 2024 Guide

When talking about Asian art and its history, it is hard to place it in one distinct category since it has been influenced by numerous religions, cultures, and traditions from various countries across the continent. Eastern art is extremely versatile ranging from drawings and paintings on paper and silk, ink painting, and calligraphy to woodblock … Read more