5 Tips for Designing Islamic Holiday Stickers – 2024 Guide

Creating a unique, tasteful, and relatable sticker is pretty hard. Coming up with a design that is going to satisfy everyone’s taste is almost impossible. When the topic for the design is something very specific, the whole situation becomes even more impossible, especially if the topic is related to Islamic holidays. Is there really a … Read more

How-to Video | Make a Purse

Scarf — Don’t just wear them, carry them too! In this video, Coriee will show you how to transform a scarf into a simple purse. This technique is handy when you need to grab a few small items with you before heading out. Keep it small and light! [ Credits: Coriee ]

How-to Video – Wrap-and-Stack Bracelet

Like shoes, we can never have enough accessories. Keep up with the current trend by mixing and stacking them. Learn how to make a wrap-and-stack bracelet in this fun and super simple DIY tutorial! [ Credits: anneorshine ]

Style Spied: Fork Transformations

Now, let’s get crafty. Stacie Grissom, a DIY fashion and craft blogger from Indiana will show you how. Just clickety-click! There is no limit to creativity. Creativity is giving form to the imagination. Do you know that we can repurpose a fork into amazing and useful products? Also, watch how to make a fork bangle. … Read more