Peter’s Picks: Exploring Art’s Intersections

This week, Peter Gould spreads the word about a calligrapher who expands her artistic boundaries to venture into entirely different realms of expression. Soraya Sanders is a gifted calligrapher based in the UK. Her recent project, Hurriyah (video below; meaning “Freedom” in Arabic), is a stunning creative fusion of calligraphy, animation and dance. Soraya has pushed and shifted the … Read more

5 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Don’t throw away used plastic bottles! Here are 5 creative ways on how you can reuse them. Compiled by Bobo Chang. Seal food bags Upcycle the top part of a used plastic bottle and attach it to a food bag to instantly transform it into a spiffy food funnel. This particular idea is great with grains or … Read more