5 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Don’t throw away used plastic bottles! Here are 5 creative ways on how you can reuse them. Compiled by Bobo Chang.

Seal food bags

Upcycle the top part of a used plastic bottle and attach it to a food bag to instantly transform it into a spiffy food funnel. This particular idea is great with grains or powdered items. No more getting yourself into a knot with the food bag afterwards!

Here is a great video by Misilla of Learn to Grow, showing how you can create this easy and useful kitchen gadget.

Watering ‘can’

Best if you have used plastic bottle with a handle. Otherwise normal ones work well too. Choose a small or big sewing needle depending on the size of spray that you want. Heat and reheat the needle for a few seconds each time you pierce a hole through the lid. Be extra careful when handling this!

Img Source: schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk


As simple as it looks, this is a juicer entirely achieved by detaching the plastic bottom part from the ‘Poland Spring’ plastic bottle. Easy to use and clean.

Img Source: youtube.com

Jewellery stand

This so cool to make! Collect a few plastic bottles and cut the bottom part off. Create a floral design by trimming around the curves further with a pair of scissors. You will need a threaded rod, nuts and washers to put this stand together. Remember, it’s important to get help from someone who knows how to use a power drill!

Img Source: recyclingbins.co.uk

Garden/backyard sprinkler

All you need are: a 2-litre plastic bottle, duct tape and water hose. The photo is pretty much self-explanatory.

We hope you will try making at least one of these suggested upcycled items. Discover more by clicking on the source links.