The Halal Guide to Films

Films are loved on a global scale, but if you grew up in a Muslim household, it always had to be PG-13. Amal Awad gives her top six Muslim parent-friendly choices. I’m a self-confessed movie lover, so much so that I’m even learning how to write them. I put this down to one central but not entirely … Read more

Soulmates For Life?

Najwa Abdullah asks: Is it time for a rethink on our long-held views on the search for a soulmate? Few weeks ago, on a glorious afternoon, I met a good friend of mine. As we chatted over a cup of coffee in the hectic city of Jakarta, our conversation took an unexpectedly profound turn. Some of … Read more

Peter’s Picks: The Unifying Power of Man and Guitar, Saif Adam

This week we hum along within the realm of music as Peter Gould features a talented singer-songwriter whose star is quickly rising. British musician Saif Adam has recently released his debut album, and it’s simply gorgeous. Heart brings listeners on an uplifting and inspiring musical journey that explores themes many hearts will relate to. Watching him perform an intimate live acoustic … Read more