How to Make Your TikTok Page Flourish : 7 Best Tips to Follow

2020 was crucial for the youth platform – during the quarantine, TikTok began to enjoy incredible popularity. Millions of adult bloggers, entrepreneurs and brand representatives have come here to expand their customer (or fan) base, thereby increasing their social visibility. Two years later, no one has any doubts that this platform is capable of a lot; promotion specialists believe that the network is first-class and can have a huge impact on the credibility of the influencer or brand. This is all good, but bloggers (especially beginners) still have a question: how to grow and achieve virality?

Don’t expect it to come out of nowhere. You’ll have to work hard, achieve the desired results and declare yourself to a multi-million audience. What will you need for this? Time, effort and some advertising budget. The main part of the efforts should be directed to improving the “account authority”. This is something that is evaluated by algorithms by platforms, and if your credibility is quite high, videos will be delivered to FYP more often, and this will bring you unprecedented popularity. In the article we will talk about how to achieve virality faster and improve account authority.

Make your first clips great

Most newbies make mistakes at the beginning of their online journey: they use the first clips as a creative testing ground. It’s wrong, don’t do that. You see, TikTok does everything to ensure that videos of novice bloggers are sent to recommendations. This is done so that not only the content of already known makers appears on FYP. Therefore, it’ll be great if you wait a bit, analyze current trends and try to create something unique, original and creative.

If everything works out, the algorithms consider your content as valuable, will send it to the recommendations of a narrow circle of people, and if they show enough activity, it’ll be shown to more users. This is your chance to achieve some virality!

Create a subs base

At first glance, this may seem unrealistic, but it’s not difficult to make an account more attractive and competitive. There are many opportunities for developing media accounts in the advertising services market, including you can try to buy TikTok subscribers for your page cheaply. In order not to waste money on bots or fakes, contact a trusted and honest company such as Viplikes. Buying from a high-quality service has many advantages for you – potential fans will see in you not just a beginner, but an ambitious creator who was able to achieve some success at the initial stage.

A large number of viewers also affects the “authority of the account”, which we talked about earlier – therefore, your content is likely to become more visible to users. So, spending just a few dollars, you’ll quickly get the result for which you had to work for weeks (or even months).

Hone in on hashtags



Your content will become more viewable if you start using the right tags. Keywords are needed so that users who are not yet your fans will find your videos, be able to rate them and follow you. At the same time, we don’t recommend using all the popular hashtags that you see – use only those that meet your niche and may be of interest to the target audience. This way you can bring the right people to your account, and they are likely to stay with you for a long time.

Explore popular tags in Discover Tab and analyze the keywords used by your competitors. Are they effective and relevant? Videos get a lot of views, likes and comments? Start using them right now!

Collaborate with other bloggers

Everything has been done on TikTok for makers, they can create joint content and share audiences. Experiment with duets and reactions, launch joint streams and talk about each other in your clips. Start small: find one (or several) videos that go viral and try to shoot a duet. This may be the format of “before/after”, “tips” or “unusual reaction”. Users like these videos – it’s pretty funny if you use this tool correctly. People who love creativity and an unusual approach to creating videos will pay attention to you, and perhaps click on the “follow” button.

You can also try joint PR. Study niche hashtags to find a suitable blogger and write to him with a proposal for cooperation. Next, you’ll be offered many opportunities to create creative content together. Use this to create a loyal and interested community around your blog, get more new fans and improve your image.

Promote your content on other resources


Do you think that your entire target audience is only in youth hosting? Well, this is a big misconception. Cross-promotion has a huge impact on generating additional traffic to your page. If you want to become a truly famous creator, don’t rely only on TikTok’s algorithms. Most of those who spend time on this network also visit Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and others.

Select a few of the most viewed successful clips, post them on other networks and write a link to the original source – this will contribute to the growth of new subscribers. If viewers click on the link, they’ll be redirected to your TikTok account, will be able to like other content and, if desired, follow you.

Take part in challenges

Challenges are the heart of the youth platform, something that radically distinguishes it from other resources. Yes, you may have seen similar content on YouTube, but it’s not the same thing. Here, activities are created regularly: companies, entrepreneurs and well-known influencers regularly launch challenges to make their presence on the platform more noticeable; this helps them increase their reach.

However, it is also effective for bloggers who have just started their journey – such clips are on a separate tab, where users often visit. They explore new trends, popular music and also find interesting new authors to start following. This is a real chance to make yourself known to a large audience – choose a few successful (ready-made) plots, a trending sound and come up with a “highlight” that will distinguish you from the rest. Shoot several clips for one challenge – this way you’ll increase the chance to get viral and win the attention of users.

Go live


Live shows are a great way to find new fans and achieve greater recognition. But this feature is only available for bloggers who already have good activity on the page and at least 1k regular viewers (this is a TikTok requirement). You may have already noticed that live broadcasts on the network get a lot of views and likes – people like to watch bloggers in real time. At the same time, you don’t necessarily need to surprise users, you can just chat live – answer questions, give advice or talk about yourself. This attracts the attention of those users who don’t know about you yet, if your story or actions in the live show seem interesting to them, they’ll stay on it, and then subscribe to the page.

Besides, interaction with viewers has a positive impact on the formation of a loyal community. If you’re honest with the fans, communicate with them a lot and show friendliness, they begin to treat you as a friend. This is what you need to keep the fans from leaving you over time.

The bottom line

Well, now you understand which ways of promotion are effective in 2024 and can be implemented in your promotion strategy. Following these tips, you’ll be able to achieve virality as soon as possible, expand your fanbase and become more famous in the online community. But don’t forget that the content should also be great – generate unique ideas, try to follow trends and create them yourself. Upload clips every day, communicate with the audience and feel free to invest in your development on the platform. We wish you success!