World Of Warcraft – Why Has The Game Won So Many Hearts?

World of Warcraft is the very game that is becoming more and more legendary over the years. It does not age, does not lose relevance and is erased by time. This game is gaining more and more fans around the world. What’s the secret? Brilliant developers, an exciting plot or interesting tasks? All together! Let’s see why World of Warcraft is so popular!

The plot


According to gaming professionals, the most important thing that holds all players in the game is, of course, the plot and the story. Such an exciting and full of fantastic details plot is worthy of a whole fantasy novel. World of Warcraft immerses the gamer in a world populated by fantastic creatures and monsters. Here, each character needs to fight, complete certain tasks, engage in battle with other players, receive rewards and the opportunity to improve their character. Gamers especially enjoy the updates, which come quite often and bring all new and interesting turns of the plot, they say: “Every few years, a new addition is released. It brings a lot of new content to the game and tells you a couple of new chapters of the history of this wonderful world. For me, the release of “The Mists of Pandaria” was a complete surprise, but this addition was the longest for me in terms of the number of hours spent”.

As we have already said, the game has had a lot of fans for a long time. Most of the players switched to World of Warcraft from the previous Warcraft series. Such players know the basis of the game world very well, they joined clans to complete more complex quests and improve their performance. Players of World of Warcraft with a big experience find their like-minded people on thematic sites, forums and in specialized communities, where they exchange opinions, thoughts and knowledge, useful life hacks and just make acquaintances.



During the gaming process you don’t just develop your character by wow arena boost or by yourself and fill him with skills. Here the player finds a large number of various locations and dungeons, this is a raid location, it can be defined as a game within a game. Not only the locations in World of Warcraft are curious, but also the presence of a calendar and holidays. Many important dates are associated with significant events that took place in the game world. There are analogues of holiday dates that exist in the real world.


In addition to the exciting plots, the game has another cool advantage – a large number of classes. The player is immersed in a class reality where each caste has its own advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and superpowers! The class in the game is what unites the players, makes you feel like a part of something big and important! This is one of the very keys of the game that keeps players for many years and makes them fall in love with playing processes.


Undoubtedly, a lot of the credit for the popularity of WOW belongs to experienced developers from Blizzard. They came up with and predicted the successful future of their project so long ago. In fact, at the time of release, World of Warcraft had no worthy competitors in this subject. However, there is an opinion that the current success of this game is largely based on various interesting additions that change the game mechanics and thereby force players to constantly come up with new strategies. This, of course, diversifies the game.


Graphics is what really delights and impresses in World of Warcraft. With each update, the developers improve the details of the picture and fill the game with gorgeous colors! In other words, the game develops in all directions, never stands still!

Ease of the algorithm


It is assumed that another of the secrets of the popularity of the game is its simple mechanism. Agree, it can be interesting to play games with complex plots, but it gets boring quickly. World of Warcraft, despite its versatility, is very simple for players. Of course, it is often necessary to think here, but the mechanism itself does not mislead players and does not give options to suffer from undisclosed secrets.

Achievement system


Thanks to the achievement system in World of Warcraft, many players can find the opportunity to collect cool things for themselves! Of course, such an opportunity was not always present in the game, but for players who like collecting, such a feature became an additional motivator to explore the world and perform various tasks.

So, let’s summarize. World of Warcraft is an interesting, curious, exciting game that has won millions of hearts around the world and continues to replenish the ranks of its fans from year to year. The world of Warcraft is the very game that has become a classic, a legend, something that people from the world of games will never forget. If you look at this description from the outside, it seems like this is the perfect game! And there really is something in this. Well, what else is needed? Interesting plot, regular updates with innovations, millions of fans around the world. Aren’t you playing yet? Then here was a sign for you!