6 Essential Tips for Muslim Students Planning to Study Abroad – 2024 Guide

Nowadays you will find that many students are moving abroad for their higher studies. This is because they want to explore more about the skills and new career opportunities there. If you are planning to study abroad then every student has to undergo the same set of procedures. From the entrance exam to the immigration procedure everything is the same for all. Every student that wants to move abroad must look for a hostel or private student accommodation before leaving the home country so that he/she doesn’t get in trouble as soon as they land over there and must contact Amber Student for student accommodations.

If the student is coming from a Muslim family, he must understand that he has many good career opportunities abroad that can make change their whole lifestyle. When a Muslim student leaves abroad for his/her study, he might face some challenges because they might be the minority in a lot of students in the university. This might end up a feeling of homesickness which might affect them both emotionally and physically. So here are some of the tips that they always consider if they are planning or moving abroad for study. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Interact with other Muslim students

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It is very important to interact with other Muslim students studying there in the university because this will enhance the feeling of belongingness. The interaction with other Muslim students will help you to celebrate religious events like Eid or Ramadan and you will not feel lonely at the time of the festive season. Don’t restrict yourself to the people of your community only. Do interact with others but it is very important to have good Muslim friends also.

2. Do check that the university supports Muslim students

Before taking admission in any of the universities, you should take a look on all the rules and regulations of the university so that you come to know that the university offers support to Muslim students or not. This year, many universities conducted the exam at the time of Ramadan. Most of the students were fasting for 15 to 20 hours a day. To give an exam in such a situation was quite challenging for them. So do consider this thing and it is better to take admission in the university that provides proper support to the Muslim students. There they can take a leave for religious purposes by informing their mentor. Even in the accommodations, the students must be provided with extending hours in the dining hall for the break of their fast. Many universities have now come up with the rule to reschedule the paper of Muslim students, in case they clash at the time of any of their festivals.

3. Get easy to wear Hijab

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This is very important for female Muslim students who can’t wear shawls or hijab instantly. It is better to get something ready to wear so that in case of any emergency they can step out by wearing them easily. This way they will maintain their religious aesthetics even in emergencies.

4. Politely handle awkward situations

Many Muslim women follow the faith of wearing a hijab, and they don’t shake or hug any one person of the opposite sex. This might sound unusual, but it is part of their culture. No doubt, some women are okay in doing all these things. It all depends upon the thinking. If you think some different, you should know how to handle any situation like this. You can politely apologize to the person and explain to them the reason for not doing a handshake with them. Surely, they will understand your belief and respect it.

5. Be good at cooking

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Sometimes there are chances that it is difficult to get access to halal food at the place where the student is living abroad. So Muslim students need to master their skills in cooking, this way you can make your traditional food for yourself every time you crave it. Although you can get some eateries that provide halal food still the cooking skills of the student will be helpful to sustain in every situation.

6. Be strong enough to protect yourself mentally or emotionally

Many a time it is seen that students from other communities can say harsh words to Muslim students. So, you should be strong enough to protect and handle yourself both mentally and emotionally. If anyone says wrong to anyone, it is not always to start fighting with them over this. You can talk to them or report to the higher authorities. There might be chances that you might be common or uncommon at the place where you are studying. So, it is better to keep some of the emergency contact numbers with you all the time. So that you can report them in case of any trouble. The best way to handle situations is to be calm and never support any sort of physical violence. Sometimes ignoring the abuser and staying calm is the best way to deal with them.

If the Muslim student follows all these tips while he is going out for higher study abroad, surely, he will adjust there. No doubt every student faces some or other problems when he moves out of the house. It is up to the individual how he handles it. Studying abroad is the decision of the student and he should be ready to face the problem too. In case the student feels any sort of homesickness, he should start involving in various cultural and sports activities that are being conducted in the university. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to explore a new world full of great opportunities. It is a time to be strong enough emotionally so that it can help in making the future bright. Either you are Muslim, Hindu, or Christian, always remember this thing that your hard work will pay you back one day. There are many ups and downs in life, but you should always remember that it is a part of life.