Online Casino Safety Tips: How to Be a Smart and Successful Player

Online casino games are some of the most lucrative and popular games to play in the world. The exhilarating nature of online gambling makes it very attractive to a wide range of hobbyist and professional online players from around the world.

Unfortunately, due to the rise of cybersecurity threats, practicing basic internet safety is important for anyone who regularly plays online casino games. But when you know what signs to look out for, becoming a smart, responsible, and successful player is easy!

By adopting some tips for smart playing and finding the best possible websites to gamble on, you can enjoy a completely safe and sustainable gambling experience online.

Practicing safety makes you more likely to win


When you know how to identify scams and avoid sketchy sites, you automatically increase your chances of success. The best casino sites are always going to be the legitimate ones, and they’re the only way to actually win big prizes in a valid way.

In addition to learning which red flags to look out for when playing online, we’re also going to show you some green flags to mark the sign of a fully authentic and operative site.

The more you know about how to navigate safe online casino sites, the closer you’ll be to cashing in on a big prize – and the better off you’ll be when browsing the internet on a daily basis. It’s a win-win situation that everyone who uses the World Wide Web should become educated on.

Without further ado, here are six tips for internet safety when playing online casino games that will not only make you a smarter and more successful player, but will also increase your chances of winning:

Look for “https://” in the website name

Truly secure online casino sites (and any sites, really) will have “https://” in the URL tagline. This shows that the address is secure and the domain has been paid for by a legitimate vendor. If you’re not sure whether a casino site is legit, look for this symbol to feel at ease.

Don’t give out your personal details

This is internet protocol 101. Personal details are what most cybercriminals are after, but they only have the power to use them against you if you give it to them.

If a site asks you to fill in lots of blanks with regards to your full name, location, or your social security number, it’s pretty safe to assume your time is better used elsewhere. Even if a site isn’t directly trying to rip you off, the lack of security might mean your data gets into the wrong hands.

Instead, opt for sites that offer proper security and protection for its users. You can identify which ones those are by following the other tips on this list.

Look for customer support availability


Low quality sites aren’t likely to provide comprehensive customer support. But the ones you can trust should. This is useful in the event of a game that crashes or some other random problem that you, as a gamer, need support for.

When you’re trying out a new casino site, look for what kind of customer support they offer. The more comprehensive and accessible they are, the more likely the site is to be trustworthy and legitimate.

Look for a wide range of bonuses

Bonuses are a popular draw for any good casino, just look at Big Dollar as a prime example. But sadly, not all of them are as real as others. You can quickly tell whether a casino site is legit by looking at the volume and unrealistically high bonuses – big ones are normal on occasion, but if they seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Look for a wide range of bonus values to indicate the level of reality that the site is operating on. A broad variety of different values ranging from low to mid to high is the most common, and this is a green flag you can use to signify a more trustworthy site.

Fast withdrawals indicate reliability

Picture this: you’ve been playing for hours on an amazing run and just won yourself a little bit of cash. You’re waiting for the money to reflect in your account, but it’s just taking too long – despite the fact that you’ve already gone through a comprehensive bank verification process.

This could be a clear sign that the site is not reliable. On the other end of the spectrum, imagine seeing that hard-earned money reflect quickly after completing a run. That’s what you want to look for in an online casino site – speedy reflection and withdrawals for your wins.

Ask for recommendations and reviews from friends

Hands down one of the best ways to become a smarter, safer, and more successful online casino player is to take recommendations from other players you trust.

If you’re not sure where to go for the best results, ask for advice from your fellow (trusted) internet gamblers and see which direction they point you in. They might just show you a hidden gem!

Use your instincts

Practicing safe internet usage gets more complex over time, but when you know the basics, it can become second nature. Using your instincts is a good way to suss out new sites and determine whether your time is being wasted or rewarded.

If something about a site feels off to you, you could be on the right track. Trust your gut and use your previous experiences with other sites to inform your decisions moving forward.


Knowing the ins and outs of safe online casino game play is one of the many keys to becoming a master at it. Without a sound understanding of common threats and scams, any online activity becomes vulnerable to wily cybercriminals.

But with this information, you can become a titanium online casino player, ready to play your favorite slot machines or pokies with the utmost confidence and satisfaction. Use these tips to inform your internet antics and become the web-savvy slots legend you were always destined to be.