Travel From Riyadh to Dubai to Explore 5 Amazing Beaches

Dubai is one of the most visited tourist cities in the United Arab Emirates which is known for its beautiful crystal clear beaches, luxurious malls, and amazing historical, cultural, and architectural destinations. People around the World love to visit this beautiful city which is among the fastest-growing cities in the World.

The hustling-busting city is a centre of attraction for national and international visitors and it provides tremendous entertainment opportunities for its visitors. Get cheap Riyadh to Dubai tickets now to explore the dazzling opportunities in Dubai.

The dynamic city is also a hub of business, tourism, and entertainment opportunities. The impressive skyscrapers and architectural marvels add to the charm of the city.

Explore The Amazing Beaches Of Dubai At Riyadh To Dubai Trip


Dubai is a wondrous and dazzling city located in the United Arab Emirates which is the centre of attraction for its beautiful beaches along with wondrous marvels of cultural, historical, and architectural sites.

The serene and refreshing beaches of Dubai also offer a range of amenities for its visitors to enjoy their trip to Dubai. Crystal-clear blue waters, golden sands, and a soothing environment at the beaches are enough for visitors to unwind their minds.

If you are among the ones deciding to spend your vacations at the stunning beaches, head over to Dubai to explore these wondrous beaches and refresh your mind.

Here are the top 5 stunning beaches in Dubai:

  1. Jumeirah Beach
  2. Kite Beach
  3. Al Mamzar Beach Park
  4. La Mer Beach
  5. Black Palace Beach

1. Jumeirah Beach


Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai which is located along the coast of the Jumeirah district. The crystal-clear blue waters, golden sand, and beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf present a soothing spot for relaxing and refreshing the mind.

It is one of the most highly developed beaches in Dubai which also presents amenities to its visitors and various water sports activities. People come from Riyadh to Dubai to enjoy this stunning beach.


The beautiful beach has many attractive spots for visitors which include;

  • Luxurious hotels
  • Wonderful resorts
  • Beach clubs

These beautiful attractions at this dazzling beach capture the attraction of visitors. Tourists come here to stay and refresh their busy minds out of the hustling and bustling of city life.

Get your tickets now to enjoy your vacation at this well-developed beach now!

2. Kite Beach


Kite Beach is another stunning beach which is located near the Jumeirah district and is a centre of attraction for visitors. The stunning beach with blue turquoise waters, white sand, and charming natural view is worth seeing and refreshing your mind.


The beach offers vibrant scenes presenting several amenities to stay for national and international visitors which include;

  • Food trucks
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Luxurious resorts

In addition to this, the beach also offers outdoor gym equipment and beach volleyball courts which attracts visitors to come and stay here. If you are travelling from Riyadh to Dubai, must visit this stunning vibrant beach.

Come here to unwind your mind!

3. Al Mamzar Beach Park


Al Mamzar Beach Park is a family-friendly beach destination which is suitable for family picnics and outings. This beautiful beach park is located in the Al Mamzar area which is the centre of attraction for families.

Local and international visitors come here while on a trip to Dubai to enjoy the entertainment opportunities and serenity of this wonderful park. If you want to go picnic with your family in Dubai, it is the perfect place to visit.


It features many attractive places which add to the charm of this stunning beach park including;

  • Long stretches of sandy beaches
  • Lagoons
  • Beautiful gardens

It offers various opportunities for visitors which include swimming, picnicking, and other recreational opportunities for its visitors. Must visit this beautiful park with your family!

4. La Mer Beach


La Mer Beach is a stunning and trending beachfront development which is located in Jumeirah. The beach is highly vibrant and offers natural views which is sufficient to unwind the mind and relax.


The beachfront offers massive opportunities for its national and international visitors which include;

  • Beachfront relaxation
  • Water sports activities
  • Retail outlets
  • A variety of recreational opportunities

The prominent feature of this wondrous beach is that it presents a vibrant atmosphere and unique street art installations which attracts the attention of visitors. Book your Dubai tickets to enjoy some quality time at this stunning beach!

5. Black Palace Beach


Black Palace Beach is the most popular and well-developed beach which is located between Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. It is also known as Sufuoh Beach which offers a serene and secluded atmosphere with natural surroundings.

The beach offers many entertainment opportunities for its visitors including water sports and also a serene atmosphere for relaxing to unwind your mind.


The beach features many beautiful places and amenities for its visitors which include;

  • Limited food outlets
  • Restrooms

People come here to enjoy the beautiful views and stunning atmosphere here. Get your tickets now to explore this wondrous beach!


Dubai is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and long stretches of sandy shorelines. The dazzling city is highly renowned for its luxurious malls, culture and historical sites, and wondrous beaches. People around the World come here to enjoy the luxurious resorts and entertainment opportunities at luxurious beaches. If you are a true lover of nature, travel to Dubai to explore these stunning beaches.


  1. Are there any beaches in Dubai?

Ans: Yes. Dubai has a lot of stunning beaches with white sands and crystal clear water which includes Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, and many others.

  1. What is the highly renowned beach in Dubai?

Ans: La Mer Beach is a highly renowned beach in Dubai. Visitors around the World love to visit this beautiful beach.

  1. Is there any beach to access free of cost?

Ans: Yes. There are many beaches which are free to go to. Amongst them, Black Palace Beach is one of the free beaches to access.