Style spied: Cahya Meythasari from Indonesia

A fashion blogger and model, Cahya Meythasari juggles fashion with her day job. By Layla Maghfur.

With a penchant for dazzling makeup, flowy clothing and solid colors, Cahya’s job as a business controller for a palm oil company doesn’t stop her from looking stylish wherever she may be.

Cahya describes her style as simple, but still trendy, and says that mixing and matching bold colors and incorporating them into her outfits is the core of her style of dressing. She believes in dressing modestly but also confidently, as she feels it is the key to unlocking your true style.  In particular, she believes that the hijab plays the most important part in an outfit, saying that the head takes up 70% of a person’s interest before anything else.

Adapting her look to the situation such as simple chic for everyday life and glamming it up for parties and other special occasions, she admits that clothing from the SimplyMii collection is one of her favorites.

Interested in what this hijabi fashionista has been up to? She recently started her own online hijab shop, cahyashawl, on Instagram.

Check out Cahya’s blog for makeup and clothing inspiration, and easy step-by-step hijab tutorials while you’re at it. She can also be found on her Facebook page, CahyaHijab Style, or Twitter @cmeythasari.