Style spied: Hidaya from Japan

Too awesomely quirky for words? That’s what Hidaya’s fresh take on fashion looks like. By Shea Rasol.

Hidaya is a Javanese Indonesian born and bred in Malaysia. She currently resides in Japan, and we believe that’s where Hidaya’s quirky style began to evolve.

While keeping up with trends is not Hidaya’s forte, she ensures that the style she portrays speaks to her. That’s why you are sure to see Hidaya in a mix-and-match ensemble put together from a range of designer items, vintage pieces even self-designed pieces.

Yes, she actually modifies her clothing to fit her mood for the day. Since most of the things she wears are self-designed or self-reinvented, her looks are uniquely personal and eclectic.

Nevertheless, a large part of her personal style comes from choosing clothes that compliment her figure well and bring out her best features. She lives by her own saying, ‘She who knows her style knows her substance’. Hidaya is definitely a girl of substance!

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