Style Spied: Hani from USA

Featuring Hani Hulu, a fashionista with impeccable taste in sophisticated and corporate style.

Chic and classy is what Hani Hulu’s style is all about. This 23-year-old young Iranian woman, who was raised in Michigan but currently resides in Philadelphia, has certainly caught our attention through her blog that she has been writing in since 2012.

With her blog, Hani takes on the role of breaking stereotypes. She wants to prove to the world that Muslim women are not oppressed just because they are covered, and that they are instead even stronger than many other women.

Hani works in an accounting firm and believes that as a hijabi, it is important to look presentable in the corporate world. She also firmly believes in leading a healthy lifestyle – hence her blog updates about health and fitness.

A lanky lady, Hani describes her style as ‘less is more’. She often frames her outfits with a statement piece of clothing or jewelry, while toning down the rest of her look.

Take a peep at Hani’s blog or catch her on her new Youtube channel!