Style Spied: Nazura Gulfira from Indonesia

This young lady always tries to put beauty and harmony in everything she does – travel, photography, and fashion. Spotted by Najwa Abdullah.

Charmingly simple and effortlessly stylish are the best words to describe this adventurous soul from Indonesia, Nazura Gulfira. As presented in her blog nazuragulfira, this 22-year-old loves photography and traveling solo, having gone far in search of people, adventures and experiences in many different places around the world.

She reckons she has a good pair of eyes to capture beautiful things, as evident by the array of wonderful photography displayed on her blog. Besides clicking away on her analog camera and listening to good music, Nazura also enjoys putting extra attention into what she wears.

Confident and poised with her personal style, influenced by preppy and vintage looks, Nazura values the importance of originality and uniqueness in presenting one’s style.

Surprisingly, to get her exceptionally presentable and smart look, Nazura buys a lot of cheap pieces from flea and vintage markets. Yet she also loves looking at Topshop, The Row and Marc Jacobs collections to draw outfit inspirations. She also adores the big stars in Muslimah fashion like Hana Tajima and Yuna Zarai.

Nazura could not leave home without her must-wear fashion items: blazers, oxford or brogue shoes, plaids, tights and skirts below the knee. Throughout her day, she balances style and humility as she believes that it is important to dress fashionably as a hijabi without compromising modesty.