Style Spied: Aqeelah Harron from South Africa

This fashion-forward globetrotter loves adventure and is inspired by those she meets on her travels. Spotted by Nabeelah Dramat-Boltman.

Aqeelah Harron, 24, is the incredible blogger behind Fashion Breed, a popular blog she started in early 2010.

As a film, media, writing and drama graduate, she has a love for all things beautiful, adventurous and creative, drawing her inspiration from others who use their own experiences to create.

From blogging and styling to selling vintage clothing, this energetic soul went on to work as a flight attendant to satisfy her wanderlust. Captivated by a diverse display of cultures and styles as she made her way through 21 cities, she also indulged in shooting street styles.

She was particularly inspired by her travels in Tokyo, especially after crossing paths with girls in the back streets of Harajuku. She incorporates their fashion philosophy of “more is more” into her own personal style, which she describes as “quirky and experimental”, as she prefers to be “some days girly and other days…more tomboyish”.

Aqeelah is now making a slow transition towards a more modest way of dressing as she finds a romance in saving one’s true beauty. At this point in her life, she finds herself in a good space as a full-time blogger, stylist and writer.