Leaders Wanted: Muslimahs Please Apply

In the wake of Hamas’s new public feminine face, Fatimah Jackson-Best discusses why Muslim women taking on positions of power is revolutionary and necessary. Last week it was announced that Isra Almodallal had been appointed as the new foreign press spokesperson of the Hamas authorities in Palestine’s Gaza strip. This historic move made 23–year-old Isra the first woman ever … Read more

Female Leadership and Diversity – Interview with Dr Ingrid Mattson

Women and men must accept differences and work together. Sya Taha asks Dr Ingrid Mattson for her ideas. Professor Dr Ingrid Mattson presently serves as Chair of the Islamic Studies Program at the Huron University College of The University of Western Ontario. She was previously the Director of the Macdonald Centre for Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations … Read more

Scholar spotlight: Ingrid Mattson, paving the way for women scholars

The Canadian-born scholar, academic and author works against extremism and calls for Muslims to join together to solve social problems. Dr Ingrid Mattson is a rare case in the history of Islam in America. In 2006, she was elected President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). It was a watershed moment: a convert, … Read more