Style Spied: Hanna Faridl from Jakarta

Hanna’s style has gone through an evolution of change, from an admiration for unique vintage pieces to classically practical outfits. This was simply due to the fact that the Jakarta-based editor went through the physical change of becoming a mother. She started wearing clothes that were practical and allowed her to feel free, especially choosing … Read more

Style Spied: Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

As expected, fashion inspiration came not only in the form of impressive new collections by well-known designers but also from visitors at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. Beta Nisa spotted these fashionable ladies during the four-day fashion showcase. Young and vintage come to mind when describing Leonie Bunga’s style. Her pink shawl and flowery shirt, combined with … Read more

Hijabpreneurs Galore!

We showcase some of the most 
exciting high-street Islamicwear 
labels and designers from 
Indonesia’s pumping 
megacity, Jakarta. By Afia R Fitriati. Duo Novie and Sari are two friends with fabulous fashion sensibility. ‘None’ is an abbreviation of their two nicknames: Novie and Neik (Sari). They also chose the name because ‘None’ is an affectionate name for … Read more