Maha Abdo: Tapping Women’s Strengths from Within

Muslim women can create great change in their communities and at a wider societal level when they put their heads together. Amal Awadspeaks to Maha Abdo, who has led the charge over the last two decades. Maha Abdo doesn’t like talking about herself. The well-respected CEO of the Muslim Women’s Association (MWA), based in Sydney, … Read more

Why I hate children’s birthday parties

Kids parties are getting out of hand, writes Maysaa Fahour, who has a few suggestions for reforming these extravagant events. I’ve done the math. I have three kids and therefore have had to endure 20 of their (painful) birthday parties. Today I say no more! Hi, I’m Maysaa and I am not addicted to birthday parties. In fact, I … Read more