4 Best Books That Will Help You Find Yourself – 2021 Guide

Finding yourself has become an umbrella term for many life situations that we are uncomfortable with. Many experts, David Hoffmeister included, believe that most of those situations are in our heads. Since they are there, we have the power to change them and create new, more pleasant surroundings. That is the aim of many of … Read more

The Benefits of Reading Quran Online – 2021 Guide

Why should you read Quran online? Some simple reasons can help you understand the importance of this practice. The Quran is considered a miracle from God and can be read easily by anyone who wants to. The Quran has numerous meanings and different interpretations. Each person reading it has his presentation or take on what … Read more

Style Spied: Sweet Shahirah

Shahirah Elaiza comes from the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but she has been living in South Island, New Zealand for the last seven years. Her passions include the topics of Islam and humanity, reading, writing, and watching documentaries. It goes without saying that Shahirah is also an ardent lover of fashion. As a … Read more