6 Tips And Tricks For Boosting Your Daily Energy – 2021 Guide

The modern way of life requires a lot of effort and energy all the time to cope with your responsibilities and remain healthy, motivated, and happy. However, we can notice that many people have issues with energy throughout the day. Many reasons are causing that problem. It is especially common among adults who have jobs, … Read more

How-to: Transform Flip-Flops into Sandals

Check your shoe rack. You probably have too many flip-flops at home with one or two pairs struggling to make the cut into your current style. We have a great idea! This adorable and cute pair of sandals can be yours with the following simple upcycling instructions. Materials you need: Used flip flops A pair … Read more

Umra with three young children: my experience, tips and tricks

Fresh off her minor pilgrimage to Mecca, Maysaa Fahour shares her thoughts and advice on doing it all with kids in tow. The idea: I don’t know when the exact moment was that I decided to plan our Umra trip with three young children. Let’s just say that it evolved from the concept of “Well, why not?” So after … Read more