Style Spied: The versatile white shirt

Here are 10 different ways to wear a white shirt. Spotted by Shea Rasol. White button-up shirts may be simple, but they are a godsend. A white shirt works with any type of look and is effortlessly chic without going overboard. Long gone are the days when only men wore shirts! Get inspired by these creative … Read more

Egyptian female cyclists pedal for acceptance

Egyptian Yasmine Mahmoud, a 31-year-old executive secretary, rides her bicycle in Cairo on December 25, 2014. Women enjoy more freedom in Egypt than in deeply conservative Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, but the most populous Sunni Arab country still considers it inappropriate for them to ride bicycles. Unlike in many countries, the two-wheeler is … Read more

Perspectives on Muslim Feminism

Muslim women shouldn’t be afraid of the feminist tag, writes Amal Awad. We should all be striving for the empowerment of women. Being the sole female amongst the boys in my family meant gender divisions were ever prominent growing up. I felt a little like Smurfette, just nowhere near as blonde, cute and self-assured. Apart from … Read more