The forgetful person’s mini-guide to remembering

Five simple methods to remember, for those who keep forgetting where they’ve left their keys. By Beta Nisa.

Everything in its right place

Force yourself to return things to a specific place once you’ve finished using them. Once you’ve adopted this practice and made it a habit, you’ll have an easier time remembering where you put your stuff. Discipline is vital.

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We’re all in this together

If you’re having trouble remembering where your essentials are at home, choose one place to keep everything. You might put your keys, wallet and phone all in one basket or bowl in the bedroom or on a table inside the front door.

Be a creature of habit

When you’re outside your home it’s even more important to keep track of your stuff. Choose a medium-sized wallet with ample room to hold your day-to-day essentials. Organize it in a way logical to you, and keep it arranged in this way – every time. In the same spirit, opt for handbags with an ample number of pockets.

Not without my notes

This classic reminder method simply works well. Use sticky notes to write down items or tasks you often forget and put them in strategic places you pass by often: at the bathroom door, or beside the mirror. Eventually, you’ll remember them by heart.

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Arm yourself with alerts

For a more contemporary solution, make use of your smartphone’s alarm or calendar to alert you. Schedule events, tasks, and other important things daily, and make a habit of it. Sooner or later you might even find yourself remembering a lot of your tasks even before the alarm goes off. Wouldn’t that be a memorable occurrence?