Your Skin Remembers All: How to Choose the Best Deodorant?

Modern man’s hygiene implies that various deodorants are applied to the skin of the armpits after a shower. They are used to reduce the secretion of sweat, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, but in contact with bacteria and air produces an unpleasant odour. There are many deodorants on the market today, the effect of which depends on their composition and the combination of the substances they contain. Some calm the skin, cool it, some just stop sweating, absorb sweat or cover its unpleasant smell.

The Importance Of Deodorants

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No matter what season it is, we can’t avoid sweating. While some people sweat a little, most of us do not have that luck. Although sweating is healthy, it creates discomfort for everyone, especially for women. Although winter is a period of long sleeves, coats and layered wardrobe, we, unfortunately, cannot avoid sweating. Especially if we are in a rush to a meeting or simply late for work. This is why deodorants are a lifeline for most people, and especially women. We have them in every purse and bathroom and use them almost daily.

Dermatologists Recommend – Change Deodorant Every 6 Months

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Sweating is a natural way of cooling the body and removing harmful things, but it is often accompanied by an unpleasant smell. Different types of sweat, such as those caused by stress, heat or exercise, have a characteristic chemical composition. So, for example, the “smell of stress” is very unpleasant. Dermatologists recommend that you change your deodorant every six months as your body becomes accustomed to and will no longer respond to it. The best way to prevent underarm odors is by using stick deodorants. If you are allergic, you can make it yourself using a variety of oils and antibacterial extracts.

Yellow Spots On Clothing

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Yellow patches on clothes appear due to the reaction of aluminium with sweat, cloth or laundry detergents. Therefore, carefully read the declaration on your deodorant bottle. Also, dermatologists warn not to overdo it with antibacterial soaps and baths. If you wash the body parts you sweat the most too often, the skin will dry out, which will only increase further sweating. When it comes to deodorants for men and women – this is actually a marketing trick. Specifically, the composition is the same, and the only difference is the packaging and the smell.

What Does Deodorant Do?

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The so-called antiperspirants reduce the secretion of sweat, leaving bacteria without food, preventing them from spreading the unpleasant smell. They mainly contain aluminium and zinc salts and are not recommended for long-term use as they can cause allergic reactions and some claim even more serious health issues. Antibacterial deodorants contain substances such as triclosan, triclocarban, chlorhexidine, etc., which prevent the bacteria responsible for the breakdown of sweat. There are also absorbent deodorants that can absorb volatile substances which are products of sweating and thus prevent the smell from spreading. Perfume deodorants are designed to cover the smell of sweat, but do not remove it and have a fairly short effect, up to five hours.

Spray, Cream, Stick Or Roll-On?

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Each formulation has its advantages and disadvantages. Sprays are very practical to apply during the day on all occasions and often have a pleasant cooling effect. Their lack is often irritation of the skin and breathing-in, which is not desirable. Fast and practical application is also an advantage of stick deodorants, but they are difficult to apply evenly to the desired area, so they can be less effective. The so-called roll-on products have the advantage of uniformity of application and are not aggressive, but, like those in contact, they are more exposed to impurities and bacteria, so they are less hygienic than others. When it comes to deodorants in the form of creams and emulsions, they are the least aggressive to the skin and can be best applied to the desired area, and they have the added advantage that they often have other beneficial properties, such as moisturizing or soothing, besides refreshing.

The Most Popular And The Most Expensive Deodorants

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Good deodorant preserves the head (as women say). That means that we will only finish the search for the best when we find one that does not stain, smells good, holds for hours – and does not have aluminum because it is so much healthier. Are we asking too much? Looks like we don’t! What are the best deodorants in their class – you can see at Deodorant Reviews. We also tried to make our own categorization. As we support the use of aluminum-free deodorants because they are believed to increase the risk of breast cancer, we decided to try out 3 well-known brands to see which works best. We have evaluated the deodorants based on the smell, efficacy, and stains it (does not) leave. These are coming in a price range a bit higher than the average. Is the price justified by the quality? We are free to say – Yes.

1. Vichy Deodorant Mineral

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This is the most expensive deodorant we’ve tried, but it’s truly fantastic. It has a feminine and fresh, but rather discreet scent, it does not irritate the armpit but also visibly nourishes it. It leaves no stains and has a lasting smell for hours. There are no parabens, no colour, no alcohol. After the workday, you will still feel fresh and comfortable, which is a little fascinating after a full 8 hours.

2. Dr Organic Tea Tree Deodorant

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Dr Organic certainly has some of the most famous organic deodorants on the market. The Tea Tree is one of the most famous ones for its anti-bacterial action and fresh, almost peppermint scent. When applied, it leaves a very damp impression, so if you want to avoid stains – it must be dried slightly. Its formula is free of aluminium, parabens, alcohol and animal ingredients while guaranteeing that even the pores will not clog. How did it work? It lasted a working day!

3. Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant

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This is one of the best deodorants on the market. It is aluminum free and is available in many different stores. Its duration is really, incredibly long. It guarantees 48 hours that we haven’t tried, but it lasted a whole working day and longer. If it does not dry completely when put in, it will leave stains, so care should be taken. It also contains extracts from the ocean and has a lovely refreshing scent. However, as it contains alcohol, it may provide burning sensations. Still, its delicate scent combined with its durability and affordable price makes it definitely one of the best choices. And its price is far more affordable.

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