How to Prevent Gums Inflammation? Water Flosser Is the Solution!

To reduce the number of visits to the dentist, sometimes it is enough to brush your teeth more often and take care of oral hygiene. But a toothbrush cannot always cope with oral contamination. If you are interested in ideally cleaning your teeth, gums, and cheeks, it is worth buying one of the oral irrigators. But how do you choose the ideal model that will be fit, compact and that does not require special care? We will try to help you with that.

Do You Want Healthy Teeth?

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Want healthy gums and healthy teeth?

Want to get rid of bad breath, crying and calculus? And by no means, but by no means do you want paradentosis? Welcome to the club! The fact that the classic way of brushing our teeth is not enough for us has long since become clear. What is not quite clear to you yet is – what is a good enough alternative? That is why, like many, you are looking for a better, more efficient and complete solution.

How To Choose?

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So you know that simply brushing your teeth is not enough. You also see for yourself that a traditional brush can’t remove all the impurities and bacteria, and you remember last year’s gum inflammation that bothered you and reminded you that you need to do something. But the problem arises as soon as you walk between the raffles. How do you know that among all these products, is there truly a revolutionary one? And how can you not make the wrong choice right now that you’ve decided to set aside money for something really useful?

The Biggest Dilemma

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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in oral hygiene, you’ve heard of two products that are catching the public’s attention. These are water flossers and ultrasonic toothbrushes. Both products imply a somewhat more serious investment and both are very promising. However, water flossers greatly remind us of professional dental flossers, so maybe that is the reason we’ll pay more attention to those. We are here to resolve the dilemma and help you choose a product that better meets your needs.

What Are Water Flossers?

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Water flossers are used to rinse your teeth with a jet of water. You can use it at home and flush it between the teeth and the tooth surface. Some of the most famous brands of oral irrigators are Panasonic, Vava, Waterpik, Aquapick, etc…The ultimate goal: removal of plaque, flushing of the tooth surface, the advanced replacement for floss.

How Do They Work?

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Before we get into how effective they are, let’s see how these devices work.

When you push the tube to the gums or the surface of the tooth, they release a jet of water under high pressure. This way, the action of water breaks down food debris hidden somewhere in your teeth, so your teeth and gums also flush. Because it is a thin stream of water, water flossers allow flushing out and along the edge of the gums, removing food debris and flushing bacteria out of shallow pockets. Therefore, this is a perfectly decent complement to ordinary tooth brushing – it will complement your regular brushing and reach where a regular toothbrush cannot.

The Benefits Of Water Flosser

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If you want the best tool to help you maintain your ideal dental hygiene, an oral shower is a solution. That’s what dentists say, at least. An oral shower gives the best results when it comes to regular dental and mouth hygiene. There are several brands and types on the market that are the best – you can see at Still, buy one you can afford. Even the cheapest is good because it will do the job well. The good thing is that the investment is one-off and that several people can use the same oral shower, just about everyone has their extension. Water Flosser is much better than interdental brushes because it cleans teeth better and more thoroughly. It is also better than a thread in patients who have crowns or bridges connected because the thread cannot be used. And most importantly it is easy to use.

Do They Really Work And How Well Do They Work?

Here is what we all expect from these appliances, and what they can truly provide us.

Removal of bacteria

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When it comes to removing bacteria, water flossers can be helpful if you have a fixed denture (crowns, implant crowns, dentures, or a dental bridge). It is because it allows you to clean very small dental gaps in the oral cavity, which is what ordinary toothbrushes are missing. A jet of water can remove bacteria that have hidden along the edge of the gums.

Removal Of Plaque And Calculus

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Once the plaque and then calculus deposits appear on your teeth, you can only expect it to worsen. This is a possible introduction to much more serious oral problems. If you notice deposits on your teeth – you are well on your way to cope with caries, gum inflammation, calculus or even paradentosis. This means that we all aim to have these annoying deposits removed from our teeth as soon as possible. It is precisely what is often highlighted as a significant advantage of oral irrigators.

Taking Care Of The Gums

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Whether your gums are completely healthy or are sensitive and bleeding prone to inflammation, you need a device that looks after them. Water flossers are more gentle than traditional dental floss, which can easily injure sensitive gums, cause bleeding and make the situation worse. However, they cannot provide extra care to the gums.

The Process Of Cleaning Teeth

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Oral irrigators operate on the principle of ordinary mechanical flushing with water. The water reaches places where you direct it, and your teeth are cleaned as well as you can handle the appliance. Also, any mechanical pressure of the tube on the tooth enamel can potentially damage it and thus endanger the entire tooth.

Advertisements for all kinds of special toothpaste and mouthwashes are just commercials for sale. In most cases, these products are completely unnecessary to you. There are certain situations in which special devices need to be used and such situations are recognized and recommended by the dentist.