What Is A Boosting Service. Where And How To Order It And How Not To Get Banned From The Game Administration

In any online game, there is always a complex leveling hierarchy, which is built on fast learning and the constant complication of the gameplay, so that it is more interesting for players to reach new heights and all achievements have a special value due to the large amount of work that needs to be invested.

Due to the fact that each player chooses his own pace and style of play and pumping, three types of gamers can be distinguished:

  • Active – such players immediately break into the game world, think briefly about the class and strive to take levels as quickly as possible, buy and knock out the best weapons and do not disdain PVP in order to achieve their goals and release the best locations. Such gamers can often change the main character at once, or even leave the project and never return. Adventurer players.
  • Slow – such players can also be called unhurried. They can play for several hours after work, or on weekends, and it is not the result of pumping that matters to them, but the process itself – the monotonous killing of monsters, collecting resources and materials, engaging in professions and other activities.
  • Donators are players who want to have a status on game servers, and they are ready to invest in their success. They can easily turn to services like Skycoach to get gold, boosting or coaching, raid carry and so on. It is important for them to quickly and efficiently reach the status of the best. They will buy good weapons and armor from other players, pay for max level boosting, and enjoy the project until they get bored with it.

What is a boosting service

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A boosting service is an order from a player or a service for a full-fledged character upgrade. This service can be performed in two ways:

1. Transfer an account with a character for leveling – I think there is no need to explain what risks this may entail if you do not order a service from a trusted service like Skycoach.

2. Join a group with a booster and run after him throughout the entire leveling stage, following his commands – a safer option, but requiring constant attention to the hero, which is tiring, because leveling in this way can last more than 3 hours. Such pumping is also often paid for in gold and is done before the start of the service, so be careful not to stumble upon a scam.

Risks when ordering boosting from other players

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If you still decide to save money and turn to a player who does not provide a service that guarantees control and order, then you must take into account all the risks that may follow such a decision, namely:

1. Account theft – if you choose this format, then the other player can simply change access to the account and even if you regain control of the account, he will have enough time to steal something from the account. The game administration may not restore the gold and other valuables that were thrown to the ground and picked up.

2. Theft of gold if the leveling format is selected in a group – the performer simply takes an advance payment and leaves the game. Naturally, the administration will not intervene in such situations, since the gold was transferred voluntarily.

How is the order of boosting from professional services on the example of Skycoach


You need to go to the site, select the desired game and server, indicate the level that you want to develop.

Wait for a response from the manager, which takes no more than 5 minutes. Agree on the payment and the time at which it will be convenient to provide your account to provide the service.

Skycoach only upgrades levels by accepting the player’s game account, since this removes the factor of another person’s participation, which can interfere with the booster, which will affect the speed of the service.

You should not worry about the safety of your account and all valuables on your character and account, because Skycoach guarantees safety, monitors the quality of the booster and will reimburse all losses that may follow during the boosting process or from the intervention of the game administration.

When the leveling procedure begins, the professional Skycoach player will use the VPN and log into the account to start getting the level on the specified character in accordance with the order.

Upon completion of the service, you will receive a notification – you need to log into your account, check whether everything corresponds to the order and whether there are any violations on the part of the contractor. At the end, change your password, since Skycoach is responsible for the safety of property only at the stage of order fulfillment and go to conquer the game servers.

How the gaming administration reacts to violations of the gaming rules and is it worth it to be afraid

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Each game has its own set of strict rules, the implementation of which is monitored by the game administration.

The RMT and boosting process itself is prohibited, but should players really worry?

You must understand that tracking RMT and boosting is quite difficult, even relying on logs – accurate tracking of all character actions by the administration.

If the administration bans all players that it suspects of having RMT or ordering boosting from other gamers, then too many accounts will have to be blocked, which will lead to a wave of indignation and a mass abandonment of the project by offended and innocent gamers. Therefore, you need to draw attention to yourself very strongly so that the gaming administration really has reasons to suspect you.

Based on this, you should understand that the overall risk is minimal, and if you do not order services from little-known players who shout about their services at every step, but turn to a service with a developed scheme for ensuring orders, then the chance of receiving any sanctions is reduced to zero.

Things are more complicated with the purchase and transfer of gold, but Skycoach has its own method of ensuring that the order is fulfilled and the delivery method is chosen convenient for the client and several stages of disguise are enforced so that everything looks like a normal exchange between players, or an accidental error that is acceptable in the eyes of the gaming administration.