How Your Business Can Benefit from External Support and Services 

You don’t have to go it alone in the world of business. Even if you like to have full control over how your company operates, it’s never wise to try to handle everything on your own. Not only is there a lack of hours in the day to get everything done, but you’re not a specialist in every field of business, no matter how talented you are!

This is why, even if you have in-house employees, it is recommended you reach out for external help. There are various ways you can benefit from external support and services. Below are some of the main examples to keep in mind.



Financing is one of the most obvious ways a business can be assisted through external support. After all, nearly every company has received support in some way from a financial provider. However, you shouldn’t view financing as simply a way to, say, get a loan for starting up your business. It should always be a solution available when necessary.

Take spot factoring as an example. If your cash flow is being impacted by late-paying customers, this type of financing can be a great solution. Spot factoring allows you to select outstanding invoices – whether this is a solitary invoice, multiple ones, or all of them – and get funding against them from a lender. By using the brokerage service offered by, you can also get the best rates for your current situation.

When financing is used correctly, your business can keep the cash flowing, avoid unnecessary debts, and grow faster without delay.


There’s no denying the importance of marketing for any business. Customers are not going to find your products or services by chance. Whether it is through search engine optimisation (SEO), paid ads, or social media, you need to push your goods right in front of your audience.

There are just a couple of problems:

  1. An effective marketing campaign is not easy to pull off
  2. It takes a lot of time and resources to promote your business successfully

This is why a lot of companies decide to outsource their marketing to a specialist agency. By doing so, this frees up a lot of time for their in-house workers to focus on other areas of the business. Additionally, they get to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated marketing agency. There’s no falling behind with the latest trends and no missing out on the best new tactics – all of this is covered by the best agencies.

Customer service


Customer service has undergone a lot of changes in recent years. Thanks to the evolution of AI and automation, the use of chatbots has become a common sight on business websites. These chatbots are capable of answering customer enquiries and responding intelligently to different messages. In fact, customers may even struggle to tell the messages were sent by a robot, not a human.

However, completely ignoring the human element of customer service is a mistake. Despite technological advances, that human touch can go a long way to landing a positive impression on customers. Yet, if you’re struggling to deal directly with customers over the phone or online via your in-house resources, this is where outsourcing can save the day.

It is possible to use an external call centre to deal with all of your customer phone enquiries and questions. All they need are some clear instructions mapped out by you, which ensures they represent your brand the right way. Then, it is a case of letting them get on with answering the phones and dealing with your customers. This is the same story when using an external team to reply via email or a chat service.


Research is an essential component for any company. This research comes in many forms. You can analyse your audience, your competitors, or your industry as a whole. Either way, the information gained from this research can be invaluable for business decisions. New product launches, expanding into a different market, deciding on a new location – these decisions require a foundation built from research.

Thorough research and analysis are tricky to do on your own. This is certainly the case when it comes to primary research methods, such as conducting surveys or focus groups with customers. This type of research can take days, even weeks, to do correctly. Rather than handle that in-house, you can use a research firm. Not only do they have the time to do the work, but they also have additional knowledge and resources – the type that can add extra value to insights.



When it comes to the most common areas that are outsourced, look no further than accounting. Few people like to balance the books on their own, especially if they don’t have financial expertise. Even less enjoy filing their tax return. This is why many decide to enlist the services of a qualified accountancy practice to deal with their company’s finances.

Yes, accounting software can make tracking the finances an easier task than it used to be with a spreadsheet or, going further back, pen and paper. However, this software won’t teach you about compliance standards and processes that must be met by your business. It also won’t do those horrible taxes for you either. By hiring a skilled accountant, you can take away this stress and, in the long run, even save money.

Business advice

In terms of support, you shouldn’t overlook how helpful it can be to receive business advice. This is particularly the case if you are just starting out. There’s a lot to learn in the world of business, and even just some tips here and there can make a big difference, particularly when they are from experts.

Even better, it’s not hard to find experts willing to impart their knowledge. There are dedicated, government-backed support channels that can supply you with a whole lot of advice and help. As well as giving your company a level of guidance, this advice is given free of charge. There’s no reason not to receive this type of help.