Important Things to Know Before Getting Pregnant

Whether you are a laid-back mom-to-be who doesn’t focus on knowing a lot about pregnancy, or the type of mama who reads plenty of books and articles about babies, there are certain things you should know before getting pregnant. However, these tips are useful even if you’re already pregnant.

Get Ready for Touches

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Be prepared to be touched on your belly, even by people you don’t even know. What’s more, many people feel like the pregnancy belly is an invitation for them to give advice about labor and how to raise your child. This might feel awkward at first and a huge invasion of privacy.

The Ultrasound Might Not Look How You Expect

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Keep in mind that everything you’ve seen in movies regarding pregnancy is far from the truth. The ultrasound can be both amazing and terrifying experience. Get ready for the sonographer to be less emotional than you expect them to be and be prepared for the awkward silence, which makes you feel anxious.

Don’t Be Too Attached to the Birth Plan

Not being attached to your birth plan or not having one is the smartest move you can make. There is no point in doing so because you never take the road you expected to take. Instead, enjoy your journey and wait patiently for your baby’s arrival.

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Research Your Hospital

You should decide on which hospital you’re going to give labor and research it. So, you should determine the distance from your house, and discover their rates of C-section versus live births, if you can have a private room and the number of birth pools they have, added experts from

Morning Sickness Is a Temporary Thing

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Many moms-to-be feels like their morning sickness lasts forever, but in reality, it’s only a temporary thing. Morning sickness usually lasts about four weeks only.

You’re Allowed to Do Exercise

Yes, you’ve read that right! Being physically active is allowed during pregnancy, especially if you’ve been active before getting pregnant. However, you will need to reduce the intensity of your workout. In fact, many pregnant women choose pregnancy yoga as their go-to exercise.

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Pregnancy Can Change You

The hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can trigger huge changes, such as mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

The hormone surges should be properly managed if you want to have an enjoyable pregnancy. Additionally, you might also deal with skin tags, bleeding gums, temperature rising, and acne breakouts. However, some of the changes you’ll experience are very positive. So, get ready to have glowing skin and amazing hair in the late stages of pregnancy and newborn days.

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Pack Your Hospital Bag Wisely

Your hospital bag is a must-have and should be prepared before you head to the hospital. The baby can arrive sooner than expected so make sure you check the labor signs at YourDoctorsOnline to know what to expect. Thus, your hospital bag should be packed wisely and it should contain nappies, waterproof baby mat, lanolin, and eco-friendly nappy sacks. You shouldn’t worry too much as people will deliver the rest if you need it.

Take Your Time Before the Baby Arrives

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So instead of working until your water breaks, make sure you take some time off and enjoy the last stages of your pregnancy. Your team and work can handle themselves without you. You should be focused more on you and your baby’s wellbeing. Hence, spend the time before your baby arrives watching movies, doing yoga or some other relaxing activity which will help you get through calmly.

Your Body Won’t Immediately Get Back into Shape

After you’ve had your baby, your body doesn’t automatically ping back into shape. In fact, you will probably still look like you’re about seven months pregnant. So, some women jump back into shape while others need time for that. One thing is for certain, you’ll get your normal looking ankles very soon.

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Get Ready to Embrace a Completely New Life

Getting a baby doesn’t mean that your life is not over. In fact, it means that you’ll welcome a completely new life which you should embrace wholeheartedly. It’s obvious that your life will never be the same again, but that’s okay. You will have a lot of fun with your baby and enjoy those precious and joyful moments you spend with them.

These are all very important things to know before becoming pregnant and before giving birth to your bundle of joy. Even though not many people share these tips, they are crucial for moms-to-be to be aware of as they can greatly help in the process.