7 Amazing Uses of Sugar

Aside from the regular uses of sugar, here are seven other amazing ways you can put this sweet ingredient to work. Compiled by Bobo Chang. Homemade Body Scrub A good exfoliating agent, sugar is a common ingredient in many homemade scrubs. A simple recipe is to mix sugar with oil (almond, jojoba or olive) into a paste. … Read more

Style Spied: Zareen Shah from Dubai

Self-taught makeup artist, beauty blogger and entrepreneur Zareen Shah was born in Bahrain, raised in Dubai and is one of the UAE’s most renowned makeup artists. She is always on the go, rushing from private makeup bookings to editorial shoots, fashion shows to meetings with distributors for her business. Her look often revolves around clothes that are … Read more

New Records, Reflection Mark Everest 60th Anniversary

Palestinian Raed Zidan (L) and Saudi Arabian Raha Moharrak (R) smile upon their arrival from Nepal at UAE’s Sharjah airport on May 26, 2013, after they successfully climbed Mount Everest. Moharrak became the first Saudi female and youngest Arab to reach the summit of Mount Everest, while fellow climbers Zidan and Qatari Sheikh Mohammed Bin … Read more

Style Spied: Hanna Faridl from Jakarta

Hanna’s style has gone through an evolution of change, from an admiration for unique vintage pieces to classically practical outfits. This was simply due to the fact that the Jakarta-based editor went through the physical change of becoming a mother. She started wearing clothes that were practical and allowed her to feel free, especially choosing … Read more

Style Spied: Mahdia from Alberta, Canada

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, the lanky Mahdia Chowdhury is all about originality, simplicity and timeless classic. Audrey Hepburn is her style inspiration and that alone speaks volume about her taste in fashion. Mahdia is a communication professional by day, and blogs daily in the evenings. Staying away from bold looks, she considers her style to … Read more