Style Spied: Pocket Princess

Dedicated both as a Muslim woman and a hijabista, Aimie never lets her pint-sized stature stop her from achieving what she sets out to do. With her blog peppered with words of encouragement for her readers, here’s Aimie walking the talk. ?? Allah Azza Wa Jall does not intend to make difficulties for us all, … Read more

Style Spied: Ifa Athirah from Malaysia

A lively individual, her blog is where she lets her creative imagination flow. Ifa Athirah from Malaysia attracts her readers with style snippets and displays her personality through her fashion accessories. Credits: Geek in the Rainbow

Style Spied: Dalal Al Doub from Kuwait

One of Kuwait’s ‘it’ fashion and beauty bloggers, Dalal has certainly shown us what high-fashion-meets-modest-and-fabulous is all about. Although written in Arabic, one can actually ‘read’ her musings by looking at the styles that she shares on her blog. Dalal never fails to add some funk into her girly outfits. The outcome always looks well … Read more