Style Spied: An Independent Lady

Yossra is a 24-year old hijabella living in France. Equipped with knowledge in fashion design, she was inspired and started a fashion label specializing in modest wear. She enjoys sharing and connecting with like-minded individuals in making this world a peaceful and respectful place to live in. She strikes us as an independent lady who … Read more

Style Spied: Alix Bancourt from France

Alix could be described as a modern Marie Antoinette; her style is inspired by ‘everything whimsical, feminine and romantic’. The clothes she wears are noticeably elegant, French chic and her outfits are best known for their use of floral prints, pastel colors and sophistication. The designer and freelance stylist’s blog, ‘The Cherry Blossom Girl’, is … Read more

Reflections on Eid ul-Fitr

After a month of purifications, Eid ul-Fitr marks a joyous time of celebration for Muslims everywhere. Jacqui Menard asks, ‘What’s Eid like for you?’ Celebrated from the very first morning of the Islamic month of Shawal, Eid is about giving thanks as well as celebrating with friends and family, thus marking the successful conclusion to the holy … Read more