Recipe: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Suitable for Vegetarians)

Stuffed cabbage rolls are healthy tummy fillers for when a snack is in order. Here is Marina’s tasty recipe, which is also suitable for vegetarians. Adapted directly from the source with minor editing for clarity, here’s how you can prepare this hearty appetizer at home: Ingredients you need: 12 large cabbage leaves 30g of butter … Read more

No-Bake Brownie Bites

Almost anyone can make this simple no-bake and healthy vegan sweetie that doesn’t contain sugar, flour, eggs or milk! Bobo Chang shares this easy peasy idea, courtesy of Little Green Dot. These brownies make for not only fun desserts but they are a really healthy and satisfying snack to munch on throughout your day – they’re like little energy balls … Read more

Make Your Own Dutch Pumpkin Soup

Try this sweet and creamy dish and you’re sure to be hooked – just like Sya Taha. The best part of my day is cooking dinner together with my husband. As a child born and bred in the Netherlands, he only ate rice once a week and considers it a treat. However, having grown up in … Read more