Style Spied: Safiyah El-Houdaigui from UK

With an eclectic style and a quirky attitude, Safiyah from London is a style chameleon. From elegant and feminine to very cool and laid back, in whatever she wears, her boldness shines through.  By Zinah Nur Sharif.   Age: 21 Location: London, UK

Style Spied: Sadia Khan from the UK

This 24-year-old photographer loves to incorporate fashion into her profession and is herself an innovative fashionista. As spied by Zinah Nur Sharif. Sadia Khan’s aim is to be known as a photographer who concentrates on hijabi style. Based in the vibrant city of London, she adores the fusion of East-meets-West fashion, an influence evident in her … Read more

UK imams denounce Islamic State, encourage peace

British imams take a stand against an armed organization claiming to speak on behalf of all Sunni Muslims. Islamic leaders in the UK, worried about British Muslims traveling to fight in areas of conflict such as Iraq and Syria, encourage unity across “colors, nationalities, cultures and creeds” in this video organized by Faith Associates consultancy and … Read more