London’s Luxe: A Guide to the City’s Most Exquisite Hospitality Experiences

London Hospitality Experiences

London pulsates with life, a vibrant tapestry woven from history, culture, and cutting-edge trends. But for the discerning traveller or resident seeking an escape steeped in luxury, the city offers a plethora of hospitality experiences that transcend mere accommodation. Here, with CJ Digital, a hospitality marketing agency, we delve into ten exceptional businesses that redefine … Read more

Style Spied: Safiyah El-Houdaigui from UK

With an eclectic style and a quirky attitude, Safiyah from London is a style chameleon. From elegant and feminine to very cool and laid back, in whatever she wears, her boldness shines through.  By Zinah Nur Sharif.   Age: 21 Location: London, UK

Style Spied: Sadia Khan from the UK

This 24-year-old photographer loves to incorporate fashion into her profession and is herself an innovative fashionista. As spied by Zinah Nur Sharif. Sadia Khan’s aim is to be known as a photographer who concentrates on hijabi style. Based in the vibrant city of London, she adores the fusion of East-meets-West fashion, an influence evident in her … Read more