Square Scarves: Ideas and Tutorials

Many favour square scarves, but they can be tricky to style. Here are some hijab tutorials and ideas compiled by Shea Rasol. Basic Square Scarf Tutorial by Lovethinkdream Simple and direct tutorial for hijab newbies who are looking for an easy updo, or for anyone looking to try out the Turkish hijab wrap. All you need is … Read more

Your Afternoon and Evening Sunnah Routine

Let’s continue to practise our daily sunnah with more tips from Shea Rasol in the second part of a two-part article. Sunnah for the afternoon Lunch Sit down to a good lunch to have energy to last the rest of the day Recite: “Allahumma barik lana fima razaqtana waqina athaban-nar. Bismillah”, which means “O Allah! Bless (the food) You … Read more

Muslimah Bloggers International

In the second of this two-part feature, Zinah Nur Sharif casts a net across the world wide web to capture and showcase even more modest and fabulous bloggers, and what triggered them to start blogging. In my previous post I shed some light on five modest and fabulous UK-based bloggers and their motivations. But that’s not where the train … Read more