Style Spied: Mahdia from Alberta, Canada

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, the lanky Mahdia Chowdhury is all about originality, simplicity and timeless classic. Audrey Hepburn is her style inspiration and that alone speaks volume about her taste in fashion. Mahdia is a communication professional by day, and blogs daily in the evenings. Staying away from bold looks, she considers her style to … Read more

Yang Yang from China

Hailing from the Middle Kingdom is Yang Yang. Her style exudes practicality and sweetness, and the very simplicity of it all is just refreshing. Credits: Yang Yang

Pulling Off Printed Pants

They’re not the easiest articles of clothing to get right, says Maryam Yusof, but the variety that they provide can add depth to any wardrobe. Recently,  a friend turned up to class wearing pretty awesome acid print jeans. While I complimented her on her sartorial chops, a male friend of mine – characteristically I might add … Read more