The baju kurung: A Malaysian icon of modesty

Shea Rasol brings us the basics of this traditional Malay outfit. Demure, classy and suitable for every woman, why not get one for Eid this year? Originating from the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, the baju kurung is a two-piece: a long-sleeve top worn over a long skirt. Loosely meaning “covered clothing”, the baju kurung should … Read more

5 savoury facts about rendang, a legendary dish

The history, ingredients, and reverence of rendang are as rich and savory as the dish itself, shares Afia R Fitriati. Rendang is a popular spicy dish found in some countries in Southeast Asia. It is so popular, in fact, that it has become one of the must-serve dishes for festive occasions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, … Read more