Style Spied: Fatema Jaffer from USA

Living her life to the fullest, this fashionista ascribes her personal style to her natural impulses. According to Floridian fashionista of Indian descent, Fatema Jaffer, “Life’s too short to dress boring, so dress it up!” True to her motto, Fatema lives a fashionable life almost by pure instinct, and her personal style is something that … Read more

Why Kilimanjaro should be on your bucket list 

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is one of the tallest mountains in the world. It is a dormant volcano in Tanzania and it’s 4,900 meters (16,100 ft) tall. Staggering 50,000 people try to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro each year and because of its popularity, it’s been called “everyman’s Everest.” People from all … Read more