Balms to help fight dry lips during Ramadan

Keep your lips moistened with these lip balms. By Shea Rasol.

With the weather wreaking havoc lately, fasting just got a lot harder. Days can get scorching hot, causing the body to get dehydrated. Apart from keeping yourself hydrated with fluids, you also need to protect your delicate skin on the lips.

Lip balls

For those looking for something extra cute and functional, get lip balms in an egg shape. I find that I tend to find egg-shaped lip balms in my bag much more easily than the typical tube-shaped ones.

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Lip pot

Some might prefer lip balms that come in pots or tins. Pick one with sunscreen for extra protection. You might find having to swipe on the lip balm to be a bit inconvenient, as you would need to ensure your hands are clean before dipping your finger in the pot.

Lip stain

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Want something with a touch of color? Lip stains are lip balms with a sheer sweep of color, so you can pretty much skip your normal lipstick routine if using a lip stain. The product will keep your lips feeling supple all day long while giving you a smooth color finish.