15 Tips for Becoming a Muslim Fashion Blogger in 2024

Through blog writing, one can create their own world of writing and can create their own websites by attracting the viewers with their innovative and unique writing skills. Posting a blog on any creative topic and uploading it with a catchy title can easily snug the attention of the reader which increases the earning amount of the writer.

Here you are free to write whatever you feel like but should maintain the basic sentence construction structure. Fashion blogging allows you to express the point of view regarding the dressing sense related to one’s own culture.

There are several religions all over the world. Different religions have different cultures which portray their fashion outlook.

Through blog writing, one can improve their writing skills and develop their academic conception of writing skills. By writing a blog paper one indulges themselves in research activity.

By doing so they can gain a lot of information by reading several relevant journal articles and improve their reading as well as writing skills as well. The blog paper can be written in several ways.

By choosing an interesting topic and thereby writing about that chosen topic by expressing your own feelings and producing a logical flow is blog writing.

Blogging, A Content Writing

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Through blogging one can create their own world of writing. Here they can create their own websites by attracting viewers with their innovative and unique writing skills. Posting a blog on any creative topic and uploading it with a catchy title can easily snag the attention of the reader. With the increasing rate of viewers the earning amount of the writer increases.

Here you are free to write whatever you feel like but should maintain the basic sentence construction structure. Earning money through blogging depends on the subscriber’s rate.

If the subscribers are happy with your produced content then your follower rate will increase as the amount of money.

These are all part of content writing which support a writer to create a research paper or a blog writing paper. “Blogging is a great inspiration for me as through this medium I can express my fashion outlook,” says Tasmin who is an expert in TFTH

Procedures to present a Fashion Blogging Paper

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Firstly, in order to write a blog paper, an interesting topic should be selected which should be further researched. For example, the topic is about Fashion blogging belonging to a specific religion.

After selecting the topic, manage the time schedule according to your own perception as it is an important criterion.

Start researching the points that are to be jotted down. An outline should be sketched out by reading several times and taking notes. Sentence construction should be highly checked and grammar should be observed repeatedly.

In order to strengthen the writing, sources should be searched from several journal articles. Usage of Google can also be done by highlighting your point of view or perspectives about the topic. Questions should be asked within self and answers should be found by doing several types of research.

A work thesis statement should be found out in order to defend and expand the blogging. After doing several types of research then jot the points down and write a blog paper.

A formal type of blogging is followed by a brief introduction, a body of several paragraphs, and a conclusion that shows the summary of the entire topic.

In most cases, Blogging is done in a totally informal manner. Blogging introduces the viewers to a story-like format. Its writing requires creativity and innovativeness within a writer whose unique writing should influence the readers.

Blog writing can be written in an informal manner whose content comes solely from the inner mind. Research for the topic can be done from any famous articles either from any popular newspapers or from any other websites, but not required to that extent. Take, for example, the topic of Fashion blogging for a Muslim community. The first requirement will be to highlight the choice and the preferences of these communities

After this, you can find out the detailed information by taking help of any sites. Newspaper reading and listening is also a good idea to do research and write for any topic. Though it’s not that much fruitful like the updated google version, still it provides the basic outline required for the topic.

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Through reading the blogging articles from any site one can easily gain an idea of the particular topic. They can also understand the point of view and emotions related to the writing. The readers are able to relate to the topic and easily get influence, as its touchy writing pattern steals the heart of the readers.

In order to become a Muslim fashion blogger, certain steps should be underlined. As the reader’s emotions are related to the writing therefore the writing should be relevant and contain the proper information. There are certain simple procedures to become a Muslim fashion blogger. “I am very curious to acknowledge the variety of Islamic styles as it suits me the most,” says Tahera who is an expert in TopAssignmentExperts

Fashion is a widely discussed topic because everyone has their own preferences and choices in order to define the style statement. We generally come across different kinds of people who possess great dressing sense and fashion styles. They are found to perfectly match their dress outfits with accessories and contemplating colors.

The dressing sense of these people really grabs the attention of the audience and the creation of their blogs often found to have a huge number of followers. We often think that in the Muslim community the outfit they use is very backdated, but it’s actually not.

Nowadays the Muslim bloggers are put forwarding their idea regarding fashion and stealing the heart of the viewers. They are now presenting their burka in a new trendy way, which looks like stylish scarfs. In order to understand the Muslim styles, it is very much needed to understand their community.

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Therefore, there are certain basic steps that Muslim bloggers follow:

  1. In order to become a Muslim fashion blogger, several blogging created by various famous Muslim bloggers should be followed. Their way of writing skills, their way of clothing styles, matching the accessories all are to be followed properly in order to write a proper fashion blog of their community.
    For this, the writer first needs to read the entire concept of the Muslim community. Reading is one of the most important parts of any blog writing paper. The information you are presenting in your writing should be read properly so that it can be delivered without grammatical flaws. Reading twice, thrice can improve your ways of thinking power and thereby develops your writing skills.
    If you are taking information from another source, then read the material properly until it touches your soul.
  2. The transformation from tradition to the modern outfits by several Muslim fashion bloggers should be observed. The way they are changing themselves, how they are using the hijab, abaya, skirts, blouse, trousers and many more should be keenly followed. Motivational skills should be there while writing a blog. The writer should understand the main motto to motivate the readers.
    Motivational skill in this regard of a writer can help to change the perspectives of the readers and they may give a second thought of utilizing the Islamic outfit and follow Muslim trends.
  3. The fashion recommendations and the outfit reviews of the well-known Muslim bloggers can help a writer to follow their fashion tips and create a blogging page of their own. Gathering relevant information in this regard is highly required. No doubt you will express your own point of view. But information should be relevant. Providing baseless and vague information may put a bad impression on your writing skills and may misguide the readers.Therefore, while writing, provide authentic information so that the readers can trust your writing skills and prefer to read more and more from you.
  4. Look forward to revamping the modest style statements by several Muslim youtubers as well as the famous fashion oriented bloggers who mentioned several style related tips that may help you to write your blogging.Interesting writing flow should be there while writing the blog. The writing flow should start with certain basic fashion information. Then accordingly it can follow a story telling format.In between it should be added with a climax which generally arouses the interest of the reader to read more. Mentioning the U turns can grab the reader’s attention. The conclusion can be done by highlighting the writer’s own opinion.
  5. Flaunting modest stylish outfits and the knowledge to carry those outfits smartly is fashion. The writer should gather this sort of information from various websites, Instagram or even twitters and highlight their fashion in their blogging.In this regard linear writing should be avoided. Blog writing always prefers story writing skills. Each story of famous Islamic fashion designers should touch the readers and arouse their curiosity level.Therefore, the writing techniques should arouse the reader’s attention.
  6. Beauty and makeup styles should be followed by the famous Islamic designers in order to gather solid information and apply it in your writing. Writing should be done by listening to your mind.After gathering information the blogging should follow your own perspectives for fashion and Muslim community. All the information should be presented in a story format in order to attract the readers.
  7. Amazing tutorial makeup conducted by several Muslim style icons can also help you develop your blog writing. “Recently saw a makeup tutorial by Habiba a famous style icon and learnt a lot regarding fashion” says Heena who is an expert in EduWorldUSA
  8. Inspirational youtube videos which highlight how to wear the stunning fashion outfits, how to look smart, how to carry the outfits helps a writer a lot. The writer therefore can grab the information and introduce them in their blogging paper.
  9. Social media is yet another place where a writer can develop their idea about Muslim fashion and can create their own blogging page.
  10. Follow the latest Islamic fashion trend and keep watching the fashion videos of such men and women who put forward their fashion tips and post them.
  11. Clarification of the points to be highlighted. The points that a writer is going to highlight should be checked twice and thrice before presenting them in front of the readers. The points should be arranged in a sequencing manner and should follow a certain order.
  12. Setting examples of the famous Islamic fashion designers also can snug the attention of the readers towards the blog writing skills of a writer. While writing the content the writers should cite some real life examples. Providing certain fashion tips to the readers can make them easily understand the entire concept of fashion.
  13. Attach certain photographs of culture of the fashion designers and most importantly attach their inspirational videos where the designers were carrying their stunning outfits.
  14. After finishing the writing the writer should know how to self-edit the content. Editing matters a lot as it is the finishing touch of any content writing.
  15. The two most important sections of any blog writing are the beginning and the ending. Ending matters a lot as it leaves the audience to think more about the content. Conclusion connects the dots and leads to some sort of resolution. Improvement in English language is required. As the readers especially the Muslim community people ranging from various regions, with various languages may face problem in this regard.


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From the above mentioned points it is clear that in order to became a Muslim fashion blogger, the conception regarding their fashion trends should be present in a writer. It can be followed through their videos, photographs, posts, or fashion oriented tips presented by them.

In this regard social media, you tube, newspaper, motivational and inspirational fashion videos can help the writers to collect information. The basic conception of Muslim community should well know by writer so as to publish a Muslim fashion blog.