Hana Tajima: Creative to the brim

Best known as the designer behind former fashion label Maysaa, her evolving creative career is an extension of her former pursuits as a kid raised by two artist-parents. She spoke to Meaghan Brittini. She spent her childhood typing out her own newspapers and magazines on typewriters, playing with fabrics, and intently watching her parents create. “Most … Read more

Female Leadership and Diversity – Interview with Dr Ingrid Mattson

Women and men must accept differences and work together. Sya Taha asks Dr Ingrid Mattson for her ideas. Professor Dr Ingrid Mattson presently serves as Chair of the Islamic Studies Program at the Huron University College of The University of Western Ontario. She was previously the Director of the Macdonald Centre for Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations … Read more

Stability and Sustainability: Interview with Dr Hawa Abdi

Somalia needs aid but only to help it stand on its own two feet. Dr Hawa Abdi tells Sya Taha about her hopes for Somalia’s future. It is a calm and cool afternoon in Nairobi, Kenya, when I catch up with Dr Hawa Abdi over Skype. After working hard in Mogadishu’s difficult circumstances with her two physician … Read more

Che Zahara, silent heroine of Singapore

Aquila Style reveals the legacy of Che Zahara Binte Noor Mohamed, a Malay-Muslim woman who fought for the rights and wellbeing of women and children during a particularly turbulent period. As told to Sham Latiff through the recollections of her granddaughter Rita Zahara. Singapore is a bustling island city-state. Roughly half the size of London, this cosmopolitan republic … Read more

Scholar spotlight: Habib Ali al-Jifri, a Sufi kind of love

This week we look at Habib Ali al-Jifri, a scholar from Yemen’s city of light, whose inclusive stance and support for women have won him fans the world over. Habib Ali al-Jifri captivates an audience like no other. His talks are enchanting, his smile infectious, and his speeches on love and spirituality can uplift even … Read more

Fatima Mernissi: Going beyond the veil to fight misogynist interpretations of Islam

Discussion and dialogue are vital to the growth of any society. Raquel Evita Saraswati sheds light on a feminist voice of reason. The struggle against the oppression of women can seem endless. It is a sad, frustrating and undeniable reality that even in the 21st century, Muslim-majority countries are still some of the worst offenders when it … Read more

Muslim ‘Spy Princess’ Honoured in London

Anne, Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter, unveiled the bronze bust in central London’s Gordon Square Gardens, in honour of Khan, the daughter of an Indian noble. The first female wireless operator sent to occupied France, the message interceptor was captured, tortured and shot dead aged 30 at the Dachau concentration camp in September 1944. She was … Read more

The untold story of Uzbekistan’s dancer extraordinaire

Her inspiring life runs parallel to the cultural transformation that Central Asia underwent in the 20th century. Karine Petrosova shares the story of Tamara Khanum, the Eastern Swallow. Additional reporting by Patricea Chow-Capodieci. Time machines do not exist, and physical travel through time is not yet possible. But a step inside the Memorial House Museum of Tamara Khanum … Read more