Muslim Prayers – The Basis of the Life of a Muslim

Muslim Prayers

Every Muslim is expected to pray five times a day, as prescribed by Islam. All Muslims start the day with Fajr, the first prayer at dawn. The second prayer is Zuhr, followed by Asr (During which none of your business should ever take up less than 15 minutes). After Maghrib or Isha prayers, which occur … Read more

Scholarships for Muslim Students

Scholarships have played an integral part in many students’ educational journeys, especially those that cannot afford high tuition fees. With so many scholarships on offer across the world, for a student to be eligible, they need to meet a set requirement. Simply being Muslim can be one of the requirements of some programs while others … Read more

Most Popular Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreams are the territory of riddles and interpretations. Researchers are still unsure what happens in our brains during sleep, why we have dreams, and what they mean. At the same time, it gives space to experiment with deciphering night visions using different approaches. Since dreams tell us more about ourselves, we have prepared the most … Read more

3 Things You Should Know About Trusted Traveler Programs

While most countries are now removing the rules related to pandemics that can significantly fasten the process when you are traveling, there are still many parts of the procedure that will make your time at the airport annoying. That is especially the case with security protocols. They are very important since they will prevent suspicious … Read more