Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair Kicks Off New Concept

Indonesia’s annual modest wear trade fair is back with a bigger and better concept. Afia R Fitriati reports. The proliferation of hijab fashion events in Indonesia in recent years is one of the gauges of the exciting growth of the country’s modest wear industry. One such event is the annual Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair (IIFF), which is … Read more

Hijab Fashion Week: Modest Fashion Hits London

Designers, stylists and bloggers will unite to showcase their works at this debut event. Afia R Fitriati has the details. Modest fashion fans in the London area will have a fabulous chance to be mesmerised with a hijab fashion show and bump shoulders with their favourite bloggers. The Hijab Fashion Week (HFW), taking place on October 24 at Rich … Read more

“Camel hump” hijab-shaming reveals more than meets the eye

Why negative attitudes towards young Muslims won’t help raise a self-assured generation. A few years ago, I was chatting to a friend from university in her dorm room. She was raised in an East African Muslim family, but she didn’t wear hijab and I had no idea of her own religious convictions. We somehow mentioned … Read more

International Muslimah Fashion Week Cancelled Amid Claims of Fraud

What was promised to be a week of fun and friendship turns out, it appears, to be a scam. Muslimah personalities, bloggers, designers, artists and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world arrived today in Hershey, Pennsylvania to attend International Muslimah Fashion Week (IMFW), which was supposed to kick off Thursday evening (local time) on March 20th. … Read more

Asian Muslim Women’s Fashion History

As with other forms of art, fashion is highly contextual. Widen your understanding of current events by taking a look at trends of the past. By Adline A Ghani. We live in a strange times. These days, a Muslim woman in a headscarf or veil can generate more controversy over what she’s wearing than, say, Lady … Read more

The hijab obsession: moving on…

The overwhelming focus on hijab contradicts the principles of modesty and moderation, writes Sya Taha. When I was still a student of gender and development in The Hague, I was having a discussion with a Muslim friend from Rwanda. As we spoke about the norms of coverage when it comes to traditional dress, our focus shifted … Read more