The Best Muslim Wedding Dresses – Tips For Choosing

Weddings are considered to be a very important event in any person’s life. Weddings are a vital part of Muslim culture and it is considered one of the most sacred events that can happen in a person’s life. Hijab is an important part of Islam and Wedding dresses are made keeping in view the importance … Read more

7 Best Natural Makeup Remover: Top List of Natural Makeup Removers In 2019

Removing makeup before you go to bed or after you get home ready to relax is of essential importance for the general health of your skin. By not removing makeup in an effective way, you are risking acne breakouts, clogged pores, and damaged, dull and dry skin, and by using a makeup remover with harmful … Read more

6 Best Airbrush Makeup: Top List of Best Airbrush Makeup Kits in 2019

Airbrush makeup is not reserved for makeup artists only for a while now, whereas many girls are already trying DIY airbrush makeup not as much as a new trend for the sake of having a pro-like makeup effect and efficiency in applying makeup which comes with the use of airbrush beauty kits. Some also would … Read more

Popularity of Blue Contact Lenses Today

Blue contact lenses became popular because of their heavenly blue effect. At first glance, you will definitely fell in love with its light and pure color. There are different types of blue contact lenses. Some types of these contact lenses could cover a certain part of your eyes while others can cover your iris to … Read more