Top Ways to Get Free VPS for Students – 4 Best Free VPS Providers

Students make use of VPS for multiple reasons -primarily for education-related reasons. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is beneficial for executing activities on the cloud. In addition to students, VPS can be used by anyone. Let us help you understand how students can get free VPS and leverage the same to their advantage.

Why Get Free VPS for Students?

VPS is provided by a number of reliable hosting providers like VPS Server. You can consider VPS as a virtual machine that gets hosted somewhere else. The virtual machine features the same functionality as that of any standard computer system. You can go ahead with installing several VPS servers on a single server with multiple operating systems that run on them.

A free VPS turns out to be quite useful when you wish to move the website to a private hosting platform. If your website is witnessing increased traffic, then you should aim at affording a VPS. However, for students and small-business owners, free VPS turns out to be the best option. Students can make use of VPS to learn about using the cloud technology.

Free VPS solutions for students by leading providers like VPS Server will offer access to particular bandwidth and storage space specifications. In case of using a free VPS as a student, you might not get all advanced features. However, if you wish to leverage premium features, you can purchase high-end packages or VPS plans anytime.

How to Get Free VPS for Students?

VPS is an important hosting solution for students who are pursuing education in the IT or Computer Science field. It is because they are expected to study concepts like web development, web design, website hosting, and so more in their course. Therefore, it becomes important for them to learn about VPS and its applications. Without VPS, they will not be able to host the final projects.


Most of the VPS providers offer plans only for commercial uses. Thankfully, you can get access to free VPS providers like VPS Server. They offer free plans for students. Students can try the free VPS plan for 7 days and observe the benefits and features the solution offer. Students can make use of the existing VPS plans for hosting the web projects or learning comprehensively about the cloud.

A VPS might feature a dedicated program for File Transfer Protocol as well. The protocol is used for sharing files from the local computer system to the VPS. Some leading VPS hosting providers like VPS Server offer dedicated mail server program along with a wide range of services. The services provided can be beneficial to students, bloggers, or digital marketers. It is possible to install any type of software in the virtual machine. There is no restriction on the overall use of the servers.

Most of the VPS providers offer information about a specific limit on websites which you are capable of hosting. Before using VPS solutions for free as a student, it is imperative for you to analyze your specific requirements and then choose the desired plan.

Reasons Students Should Opt for Free VPS

Knowing why and where you can get free VPS for students implies understanding its importance and benefits in the first place. Learning is a general reason for most students. However, what course do you require for VPS? If you are learning database and networking, VPS serves to be the example of advanced network platform.

The VPS server will offer access to the users to gain effective control. Usually, a single server is divided into multiple partitions in the form of standalone computer. Every user has access to a private server -in the same location. Some more courses for which students rely on free VPS solutions are website development and database management. At the same time, hosting also remains a common ground for students to try out free VPS.

Getting Free VPS for Students

There are several VPS providers offering access to free VPS hosting plans entirely or in the form of free trials to students. Some of the leading options to consider are:

1. VPS Server


As a student, you can start your free VPS journey now. VPS Server offers access to free trials of its VPS hosting services for around 7 days. With free VPS, you can enjoy the benefits of using a private server with ample scalability and flexibility of the shared hosting plan. With its free VPS plan, you can access VPS hosting solutions with more than 15 locations across the world.

As a student, you can leverage the benefit of the 7-day free trial hosting plan offered by VPS Server. You can start your free trial and harness the benefits of VPS hosting across the world. VPS Server supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Therefore, you get ample knowledge about working on these operating systems as well. The hosting platform is also easy to set up and use VPS -even as a beginner. The provider also offers access to 24/7 customer support to ensure that all your queries are answered effectively.

2. Free Google VPS


If you wish to get free VPS as a student, you can access free services by Google. You might be familiar with Google Drive and Gmail. With Free Google VPS, students can receive access to unlimited storage as well as lifetime subscription.

It serves to be a great feature for students as you are able to store multiple items and files on the go. To enhance the overall ease of use for students, Google provides access to free VPS solutions. It is a great hosting solution for developers as well. Students can obtain free VPS solutions through college or school credential.

3. Digital Ocean VPS


Digital Ocean is a popular VPS provider. For students looking for free VPS solutions, Digital Ocean comes forth with its free trial plan for a limited period -usually one month.

Students who are pursuing courses at an affiliated university or college look for solutions like lifetime hosting services and long-term ease of use. Students usually have different projects to complete during their school or college life. Therefore, they might also prefer long-time support services from the VPS provider.

On the contrary, free trial serves to be an attractive option for users who only wish to know about the Digital Ocean system and its usage. They can decide whether or not the service is reliable. Most VPS providers like Digital Ocean make use of the free trial approach to help students and small business owners.

4. Amazon AWS Educate Program


Amazon has recently come up with its dedicated AWS Educate Program as well. The primary motive of the program is to educate students as well as teachers about the world of VPS hosting through reliable online resources and tools. Therefore, Amazon brings forth free VPS solutions for students as well as teachers. If you happen to be an academic researcher, then also you can get access to the free Educate Program by Amazon. Through this program, Amazon aims at explaining the importance of cloud services to students and educational institutions.

If you are a student, you remain eligible for the series of AWS Certification as well. The certificate highlights that you have gained expertise and knowledge in the IT sector. A certification from a high-end IT giant like Amazon will help you immensely in your career. You can also apply for grants from Amazon as a student. Upon this, you will receive access to credit services. Eventually, you can redeem these credits for ensuring free VPS servers.

What About Free VPS Hosting for Life?

To access the same, your VPS provider might ask for your student ID. You are expected to sign up and verify whether or not you are a student. If you happen to be a faculty member, you can as well go ahead with providing the faculty ID as well. You can easily get access to free VPS if you are linked to the education field.



As a student, free VPS services are great for you. You can make use of free VPS servers to learn several new concepts and skills required for hosting your projects. Eventually, with access to free VPS and relevant resources, you can also develop a strong CV for your successful career. When compared with shared hosting, setting up private hosting can be difficult -especially as a student. As cloud remains the future of the internet services, you should understand its concepts and leverage its benefits as a student.