Hijabi horde mobs Muslim YouTube heartthrob in London meet-up

There’s nothing quite like a herd of hijabis behaving horrendously to start a debate amongst Muslims, writes Ameera Al Hakawati. But maybe it’s time “modern” Muslimahs realize they need to turn it down a notch.

I will confess that I had no idea who Adam Saleh – one half of the TrueStoryASA duo – was until my little sister asked me to take her to London’s Hyde Park on Sunday to ‘meet’ him.

This was the first time I’d seen her express interest in a male celebrity, so like any concerned older sibling, I wanted to find out more about the dude who had her – and thousands of other Muslim girls – all doe-eyed and blushing.

After watching videos of the Yemeni/New Yorker and his sidekick, Bengali Sheikh Akbar, playing (quite amusing) pranks on New Yorkers, I could see why teenage girls found him attractive. The 21-year-old seemed harmless enough, I decided, for my sister to attend a meet-up that Adam had announced on his Twitter account. (Plus, my mum offered to babysit and an afternoon soaking up the sun in Central London was too tempting a proposition to resist.)

The meet-up was scheduled for 3:00 pm, but my little sister forced us to get there early so we wouldn’t be at the back of the queue. Strolling into the park at 1:45 pm by Marble Arch, we saw clusters of young girls, many in hijab, eating ice cream and waiting in eager anticipation. Some had been there since 9:00 am, assuming that the setup would be similar to his Dubai meet-up. But there wasn’t a queue, barrier or podium in sight.