How Millennials Are Changing the Fashion Industry

Lately, the word you can often hear is Millennials. Who are Millenials? In case this is the term that confuses you, this is the generation born between 1981 and 1996. It is a large number of people changing and directing the world economy is a very different way than the previous generations. Everything that was considered normal just a while ago is now reconsidered by the Millenials. We are the generation that is not afraid to set the new standards in the fashion world, in the way we live our lives and the way we communicate. Here are the ways we are changing fashion and the way people perceive it.

We want casual clothes

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Even though the uniform was widely accepted just a while ago, now this generation dismisses the idea of wearing clothes by the previously set standards. We want clothes that will suit our lifestyle and adjust to our needs, not the other way around. Remember how women used to wear corsets and very uncomfortable dresses? Well, this is not acceptable to us. We want to feel good in our skin and lead a fulfilled lifestyle. Even the business world is slowly changing, letting the fashionable pieces to come into the conference rooms and courts.

Our individuality is very important to us, so we want to create our style. We want more colors, distinct designs, and prints that even apply to business clothes and help us create a recognizable style. If you wish to get inspired, check out online-stylist. With so many choices and the fact that we are liberated from the strict rules, it gives us a bigger sense of freedom and relaxation, so much needed in this stressful world. Clothes is a pretty powerful tool for communication with the world. It has always been a force recognized by the people. You can give a pretty powerful statement without even saying a word.

Transparent brands as the main choice

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Technology has given so much. The possibility to find out everything we want to know in a matter of seconds is one of those things. Now we can instantly get the information about the fabrics that brands use, where it is manufactured and make a decision based on that whether we want to wear their clothes or not. The fact that we are more oriented towards preserving the environment reflects further on every area of our life, including clothes. We are now inspiring companies to have an honest relationship and improved communication with us which was not possible ever before. Finding out that kids are used as workers for manufacturing led to many campaigns to change that and stop child labor.

Online shopping and social media

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Social media has changed the way we communicate. Instagram and Facebook are now the main marketing tools which lead to the greater choice of clothes and the convenience. Now we can shop online with just a few clicks and have the clothes delivered to our doorstep. Not only this contribute to the better use of time, but it also reduces crowds on the streets and the pollution in general. We are the generation that works, dates, communicates, studies and shops online.

Every aspect of our lives is made easier by the use of the internet and fashion is certainly affected. The fact that we can order clothes from any website in the world in very exciting and it is definitely affecting our style in general. The chance of getting disappointed is significantly reduced because we tend to read reviews online and compare the experiences, so we can be sure that the choice we have made is the best it can be. The approach to online shoppers is changing leaving us with greater choice and the number of information that we consider valuable. The relationship between companies and the customers is now on a much greater level than it was ever before. Having the opportunity to get an answer quickly to every question we have is certainly a positive experience. We like to connect on a more personal level and simply be valued.

Durable and functional clothes as the prime focus

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While previous generations used to focus on the items that will last for a season or two, we are focused more on choosing clothes that we will wear for several years. Instead of looking for clothes that will only serve the esthetic purpose, we want practical clothes. Items that are wearable, functional and versatile usually end up in our closets. We opt for quality. High fashion is slowly losing its importance. Instead of purchasing very expensive items, we believe it is better to combine items that can be easily mixed and matched to create various outfits.

High fashion used to rule the runways for a long time, but we are simply more focused on the functionality and practicality in general. We honestly don’t think that giving thousands of dollars on something that we will wear once is not worth it. There are numerous ways to look great and be careful about finances. The marketing strategies that used to do the trick with the previous generations are simply leaving us indifferent.

Fashion is constantly changing and even though we may expect further changes in the future, we can honestly say that Millennials, or generation Y, changed it considerably. We like to think that we are the heroes of our own lives. We do what we can on a daily basis to help this planet recover and serve future generations. The fact that every person can do just a little will result in a great change. The clothes don’t have to be used once or twice, every item can be reused many times and look different every time we wear it with a little help of accessories. Our lifestyles are now oriented towards spirituality and being in tune with the Earth. We want to let our energy flow, so we can vibrate on a higher level and give our best.