Style Spied: Laiqah Ally from South Africa

A woman on the go, this graphic designer always manages to pull together her own blend of styles. By Nabeelah Dramat-Boltman.

Going by the nickname Lucky, Laiqah acquaints her readers with her own inspirations in her blog Lucky Loves. This wife, mother and graphic designer manage to maintain her own definitive style despite her busy schedule.

With a love for fashion and a tendency to purchase too many shoes, this fashionista finds herself open to many trends. She enjoys interpreting style inspirations to pull together her own personal blend of chic and girly modest looks – with a hint of edge. Laiqah’s favorite trend at the moment is Sports Luxe, which she pairs with a few feminine pieces to add a touch of glamour.

On her new phase of motherhood, she says: “My role as a mum has not only changed the way I dress but also the way I manage my time. My appearance is still important, I want to be stylish and my clothing should be practical at the same time.”

With her fashion and beauty blog as her online (and public) diary, Laiqah advises us to take every criticism in life as a means of motivation. Sharing wise words and remaining creative-minded, she sure has got us all loving Lucky!

Find her on Twitter @Laiqah and Instagram @laiqah