Style Spied: Maryam Asadullah from Texas, USA

Keep track of this 25-year-old’s fashion evolution from the Lone Star State. By Shea Rasol.

Of Indian descent, Maryam Asadullah leans towards a feminine style, though she challenges herself from time to time with different types of looks. Recently married, she juggles her new life with fashion blogging – a passion she discovered last year and regrets not having started earlier. Judging from the 13,000-odd Instagram followers she has, she’s not the only one who wishes she had started sooner.

An IT specialist by day and blogger by night, Maryam’s blog is her creative space and platform for sharing her views on modest fashion with Muslimahs around the world. She guides her looks from Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad and her imagination, keeping her sense of style always open to new inspirations.

“Change inspires me” is a phrase she lives by; we see it so clearly in her evolving sense of style.

Get updated with Maryam’s musings at her blog Sincerely Maryam or her Instagram @mfasadullah.