Style Spied: Mia Ben from Malaysia

This fashionable hijabi looks effortlessly chic in simple staple pieces. Spotted by Najwa Abdullah.

A self-proclaimed fashionista, Mia Ben feels obliged to look stylish in her office. For her everyday outfits, she opts for the deep colors she considers the essence of her personal style, highly influenced by her love of jazz music.

Inspired by Olivia Palermo’s juxtaposition of simplicity and sophistication, this Malay-Indonesian girl based in Kuala Lumpur seems to always look comfortable and confident in her outfits. She consistently keeps to basics and picks one or two fancy items like a bright-colored pair of pumps or a colorful satin silk headscarf to jazz up her overall look.

Instead of following trends, sticking to items that have stood the test of time such as jeans, white shirts and maxi skirts is Mia’s key to looking fashionably sharp and elegant. Frills and fanciful cuts just don’t fly with her.

She hopes to be just like Palermo one day – but with hijab. Besides her personal blog soresoresore that features her thoughts on fashion and faith, Mia owns a brand called SORE, which can be found on Instagram @soreserosore.