Style Spied: Raja Nadia Sabrina from Malaysia

This sweet and strong-willed young woman from Kuala Lumpur reveals her grace. By Shea Rasol.

Catching our hearts with her elegant sense of style, Raja Nadia Sabrina, better known as Sabrina, has strong ideas about what Islamic fashion is about.

Married to Abdullah Khubayb, this 29-year old lawyer completed her studies in England. Since 2009, she has been a prominent Malaysia-based style blogger. She also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Jibrael earlier this year, but as fate would choose for her, her daughter is now in heaven watching down on all of us.

Through it all, Sabrina has become an inspiration to many other women. Documenting her thoughts, hopes and dreams on various social media platforms have allowed her readers to feel closer to her in so many ways.

She is now livelier than ever with her soon-to-be-launched label Arnadia based in Malaysia. She finds herself drawn to reading, traveling, singing and simply seeking knowledge – spending most of her free time attending courses, fashion shows, musicals and art exhibitions.

Always standing out from the crowd, Sabrina is currently trying out a feminine, edgy and vintage look – experimenting with pieces from her mother’s collection.

Follow Sabrina’s fashion journey on her blog R Nadia Sabrina and Instagram @rnadiasabrina. Don’t forget to drop her a line!